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  1. Hi, I'm having problems with the tissue solver in H16.5 First, my computer crash if I use the default settings for the solid embedding section of the bones and the tissue. I'm using maxTet .1 minTri .005 and disabling the base size, that creates a decent tetra object. Now the animation stays static all the time and not following the animation from the skinned mesh Is there a tutorial? thanks in advance, -Alex
  2. Thanks! It took me a while so I created a COP2 that can be modified to use any opencv function. If somebody ever need a opencv function. find attached the .C Cheers! -Ax COP2_Threshold.txt
  3. Hola, Find attached the image, I want to use the picture and a grid and create the groups. My idea its create: 1.invert image 2.gradient on top(multiplication) 2.create tresholds 3.isolate the spots 4.and use VOP to create the groups. But Im sure its a better simple way. I can't remember the process from my image processing class. That famous exercise, the one with rice and beans. cheers! -Ax
  4. Still not working Im using OS X, it compiles. Bad I get a memory access problem at 0 libHoudiniGEO.dylib 0x000000011846bd4d GA_RTIElementGroup::GA_RTIElementGroup(GA_IndexMap const&, GA_ElementGroup const*, bool) + 45 1 libHoudiniGEO.dylib 0x000000011847580e GA_Range::GA_Range(GA_IndexMap const&, GA_ElementGroup const*, bool) + 62 2 SOP_Barycentric.dylib 0x0000000140074ebe HDK_Sample::SOP_Barycentric::cookMySop(OP_Context&) + 990
  5. Another question all GEO_ are deprecated?
  6. Hi, I want to iterate thru all group points. And the iterate all the primitives using each point. And the back again thru all points in that primitive. here is the code GEO_Point *pt; GA_PointGroup *grp; GA_FOR_ALL_GROUP_POINTS(gdp, grp, pt) { cout<<endl; } I get expected unqualified-id or Operator '=' cannot be resolved for type The code at header fie its: /// @def GA_FOR_ALL_GROUP_POINTS(gdp, grp, point) /// Iterate over all points in group. @see GA_RTIElementGroup #define GA_FOR_ALL_GROUP_POINTS(gdp, grp, point) \ for (GA_GBPointIterator it(*(gdp), grp); \ (point = GA_Detail::GB_MACRO_CAST(gdp, it.getPoint())); ++it) The error its at: point = GA_Detail::GB_MACRO_CAST(gdp, it.getPoint())); I can't figure out the error; cheers! -A
  7. Im not doing any operation Im just parametricing 0-1 to 0-256 with: inline int ftoi(float f2){ return floor(f2 == 1.0 ? 255 : f2 * 255.999999999999); } And I get: http://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5fbNW7urbpGRkJVZmFZQU9lM3c&authuser=0
  8. Hi, Im writing a COP using the full image filter sample. When I loop thru the image I get 0.0078125 Using a constant white color. If I put the default pic(butterfly) I get the same scale 0 to 0.0078125 Its the same if I cast the value to a float or get the value in plain uchar. Any idea, why? cheers, -A