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  1. The best thing i suggest you , before going to houdini just study programming languages like C,C++ and OOPS concepts . because all concepts in houdini is completly made upon in basis of OPENGL (or maybe CL) and graphics languages. my best suggestion ...best of luck
  2. volume ramp shader

    Hi I need to create a volume ramp (bottom-> Red & Up -> Blue) . I created a box and conected isosurface created 4 fields , density, Cd.x.Cd.y,Cd.z . after that i connect volumemix to Cd.x and select user in Volummix . in value i typed $BBX , For Cd.y i created $BBY ... now i am getting a ramp physically.. a normal process... i want to do the same thing in shader . I tried to export Cd,BBPos(Bouding box ) to vop shader but it not accessing ... i tried it in CVEX also i cant export the things ... anyone pls help me out.... Thank U