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  1. assemble (pack) them, use Add SOP to keep only the points -> basically ready for second copy stamping
  2. Tool to run ordered file cache nodes

    apart from TOPs you can always use Fetch ROPs and wire them together in the desired fashion edit: also have a look at this
  3. as a start turn off any disturbance, turbulence, shredding, sharpening, confinement, play with Temperature diffusion, maybe add a gasblur if you are still unhappy use that as a base and shape the sim from there
  4. Collisions with SDF

    in a wrangle, plug in the points you want to make "collide" in the first input, SDF in the second (i recommend turning on "Fill Interior") float depth = volumesample(1, 0, @P); //how deep inside the volume is the point vector grad = volumegradient(1, 0, @P); //direction to the surface of the volume (depth = 0) at the point's position @P += -depth * grad; //to push the point to the surface of the volume, you need to invert either the depth or the gradient
  5. 3D faded trail?

    maybe this can help
  6. putting !steadyropegroup in the group field of the primwrangle should do it
  7. Add color to existing color based on attribute?

    not sure if that's what you're after, but use one of these lines to see different effects //if(f@eye>0) @Cd = {1,0,0}; //overrides the color where @eye is 1 //if(f@eye>0) @Cd += {1,0,0}; //add red where @eye is 1 if(f@eye>0) @Cd *= {1,0,0}; //multiply with red where @eye is 1
  8. here's something VEX based I came up with while waiting for caches. It has its limitations and currently works only with (open) curves and supports only exactly 4 divisions. I guess with a bit more tinkering one could make it work on closed geometry and add functionality to support different divisions dm_compileBevel_v003.hip
  9. How to select a bevelled edges?

    RFE = Request For Enhancement
  10. 2D vellum Simulation

    I'd use a popwrangle and set v@force.y = 0; and just in case aswell v@v.y = 0; if it doesn't work, you might want to dive into the solver and do that stuff at the right position
  11. subtracting centroid using vex

    not in front of houdini atm, but I guess you need brackets around (@P-@P2) -> order of operations
  12. How to select a bevelled edges?

    not that I ever needed bevelled edges in a group but I totally agree, having the option would be nice. Please submit an RFE?
  13. How to select a bevelled edges?

    had another look at it and came up with this. only works with 1 divison though (for now, but too lazy to drive this further) dm_getBevelEdges_v002.hipnc
  14. How to select a bevelled edges?

    here you go dm_getBevelEdges.hipnc
  15. convert the shop_materialpath to group

    if they follow the same naming convention you can do something like group_`strreplace(s@shop_materialpath, "/mat/_Kitbash3d_StreetSide", "")` for further string manipulation look up the various functions (possibly even doing it in a wrangle, export as attrib and create group from that attrib)