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  1. Is it possible to retime / timeshift particle simulations even though the particles have a low life time. When I try the different particle's id-nummer change whenever a particle "dies", and this screws up the timeshift sop, because it then interpolates the wrong particles due to their random id's when ever a particle disappears.
  2. Emit particles from rbd impact

    Hi Johnny, thanks, what about Solid FEM impacts? :-)
  3. Emit particles from rbd impact

    How do you emit particles from an rbd impact? For instance a ball hitting a floor with dust?
  4. How does ene keep constraints on breakable obejcts?
  5. How does one get the objects current position after its affected by a time shift sop?
  6. Windforce

    As far as I can tell noise field and the noise in windforce is static? How does one animate this, so it simulates turbulence?
  7. Cloth tearing / solid fracture?

    How is cloth tearing done properly in h15.5? To me the solid fracture looks very unrealistic, how can this be adjusted? In the old versions one could simply paint tearing areas. Also for fem fracturing the solid fracture just doesn't look as nice as old school voronoi fracturing, but surely the solid fracture can be adjusted to look more like the old style?
  8. Constraints and impact/break off

  9. Sourcing grains as particle emitted?

    Hi Johnny, thanks, I kind of was going in that direction with regards to the method you used, but couldn't seem to get it to work. But your example file was a big help. For my purpose I removed the VEX deformer part, which made it run a lot faster. .:-)
  10. Sourcing grains as particle emitted?

    Is it possible to create grains which are not impulse generated by a bounded geometry, but instead from continuous emission? If, then how?
  11. Constraints and impact/break off

    Here's a screen shot with two of the copy sops disabled. (thus creating only a row of pills) My primary issue is that I have to weaken the constraints too much in order to have the pills break off even though they are hitting a static object. When I weaken the constraints the pills also break of other pills too much. What I want is to show that the box is the primary thing breaking of the pills.
  12. Constraints and impact/break off

    I have scene where rotating pills are connected pairwise (glue constrained) and then the top part of the pill needs to break of when it hits the box object. But this only happens after a lot of rotation and I need it to happen at once, also I need the connection/constraint to be strong enough so that the pills only break apart when hitting the box. I can't seem to figure out whats wrong with the setup. I have included a scene file. For speed purposes one can disable the second copy sop of both pill geos, to let the scene run real time. pill_break_off.hiplc
  13. Mograph words

    Thanks you guys are awesome. I can see that even my basic letter example method can be improved and simplified - I need to be learning at least a little bit of VEX asap, it's going to be tough for my Cinema 4D brain ;-)
  14. Mograph words

    Is it possible to do attribute transfer on a per word basis on the font sop? I've been able to create a hip file example with an on a per letter basis transfer. Letters with effector.hiplc