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  1. Hi mark, I have done similar test long back. There is a target(parent point) and points(child) coming towards the target(both have the same point count). When a child point acquires a target point the other child point doesn't query the same point. have attached the file.runs pretty fast. make sure the active distance is less. Since i have used array it is pretty heavy when there are more points to query at that instant(when active distance is more).Also you can disable attract in sop solver and get the positionId(posid) and use pop attract. nearbyattract.hipnc FX TD Dneg
  2. acess previous point attribute in wrangle

    Thanks a lot
  3. Hi guys, need help in vex. I tried creating an attribute in for loop and access the previous point value . But i couldn't access the created value. Here is the code. in this i am creating an integer a and storing the value. i am trying to use point(geoself) and access the previous point attribute but it defaults to zero. help me out with this.. thanks.. int @a=1; int @test[]; int @inst; if(@ptnum==0) @test[0]=1; for(int i=0;i<=@ptnum;i++) { @a=@a+i; if(@ptnum>0) { @inst=point(geoself(),'a',i-1); //cannot access the previous value @test=point(geoself(),'a',i-1); } }
  4. Melting a rock, maintain textures

    Hi. to avoid this problem of stretching dual uvs might work. u need to create two sets of uv's at specific interval and blend it . In H15 we have dual rest fields in flip. similarly u can create dual uv's. http://www.gerbertgosch.com/#!rndtextureflowpt1/c1gz5 http://www.toadstorm.com/blog/?p=312 and i did a test on H15 using 4 rest fields
  5. Water dripping

    Ok. here is the updated version on fields.. previously it wasn't working. in gas field vop, distance and speed ramp(promoted outside) controls how particles stick to the surface. spheredripping01.hip
  6. Water dripping

    Hi magneto, you were correct. it was not reading the points since it is connected to vel volume. sorry..i should have converted into fields and then read the dist..wanted to make it fluid slow near the sphere.. but the vel as a whole got slowed down it seems. il check into it and update the file. thanks.
  7. Water dripping

    mypoints is the name for geometry points where dist attribute is calculated. In gas particle to field the geometry we want to process is specified.. so in this case its mypoints. Please take a look at the gas particles to field node.
  8. Water dripping

    U can try scattering points onto the geometry and directly call into source volume(source flip). then slow down the nearby particles on surface of the sphere.. check if this method works and let me know. spheredripping.rar
  9. can u share the hip file.. and are the particles present in frame 1..?
  10. flip fluid -collision boundries -kill particles problem

    U can group the specific portion inside sop solver to kill the particles during simulation. u can also play with the negative x or y velocity and delete it based on what u want.
  11. How to resume a Flip simulation

    In dops Under cache tab u have an option to save checkpoints(.sim files) and you can specify the interval to save checkpoints. In simulation tab u can load the initial state.If this causes problems u can use file node inside dops mention the path,set it to write and in activation u can specify the interval to activate(Ex:$F%50==1) and load it in intial state tab. To visualize velocity u can find the speed of velocity(length) and call the attribute into color from attribute. visspeed.hip
  12. Cliff destruction

    hi change the cliff object representation from convex hull to concave. Non moving chunks make it active 0 and moving active 1.override active attribute in RBD object(active should be integer).u can also animate the active attribute to initiate fall.also u can delete primitives of glue to initiate the fall. rnd.hip
  13. Lavaflow

    WIP . Used 4 rest fields in houdini 15 to advect the noise texture. H15 has default dual rest fields. created two extra rest fields.any suggestions and ideas to improve it further. Thanks https://vimeo.com/160199348
  14. Flip dual uv's ,advection

    Hi guys. How to advect uv's in flip.. I saw dual uv's concept.. But couldn't get it.. Can anyone please explain the concept and how to advet uv's in flip. I am creating a lava river and needed displacement to be added on top of it..
  15. Melting // FLIP

    Create a custom attribute. Say melt.. Then attribute transfer from top to bottom using sop solver inside dops.. It will evaluate every frame.sorry I cannot do a setup since I don't have my computer as of now.. Check with sop solver inside dops.