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  1. Thaaanks I had almost the same script (from a video YouTube) but it was to list all values in one attribute ^^' Sorry I didn't find the post on the forum (I searched before :/)
  2. Hello everyone For my HDA I need to list all attributes of a geometry in a dropdown menu I found the function attriblist in the Houdini Website but I don't really know how to use it. I can't use it in a node wrangler or in a channel like an expression... https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/expressions/attriblist.html or https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/expressions/pointattriblist.html in my case Thanks in advance
  3. Hi again ! Wow, it seems really cool maybe I'll try ! The thing is to find project to experiment with VEX ^^ Thanks again !!
  4. Thanks for your answer !! Ok it's working... haha I'm trying for 2 days with nodes and It works with a few code lines... I need to learn VEX (if you have some tutorials or tips don't hesitate :p) I don't understand why it didn't work with nodes... maybe I don't understand the way the handle their foreach and if paired blocks (it's too confusing for me) Thanks again, you motivates me to learn VEX
  5. Hello everyone ! I've been trying for day (literally.) to make a super simple thing in Houdini : - I have a Float Array with infinity values I want extract My idea was to make a FOREACH in this array, and when I have a infinite value, I put it on an array. When I have a real number, I put it on another array. But I can't understand the Attribute Vop For Each and If System... Were they drunk when they make a system like this ? ^^' It drives me crazy here's my situation at the beginning : I have my array (AllMax) and 2 empty arrays (MaxBad for infinites values, and MaxGood for the rest) My main array have 70k+ values like this : I'm trying to do something like this : (I tried with getAttribute, with Bind, I'm not sure if I need to bind_export each time I want to update the binded array, ...) The best result I get (I'm not sure I can get again haha I'm empty) is that I have the good values in the good array but when the IF BLOCK have a false value, my foreach end and I have only one value in one of the two arrays. I don't understand well the Houdini if and foreach system I think I don't understand why they don't have a system like Unreal Engine, with a if node which have two output, one for true and one for false... and have "exec" input/out to control the flow... it's much easier :/ Thanks in advance guys !!!
  6. Hello ^^ I always tweaking my vase scene with crowd but I have a real big problem: I don't understand why my vase reacts beforce my agents touch it :/ I don't really how to change the dynamic/bullet parameter in Crowd nodes tree :/ Please help me I'm kind of lost :/
  7. Hello Guys I know I post a lot of message but I am block at the scene for 2 days now :/ I try to make a test of an interaction between crowd and a pile of vases, like the wall in this video https://vimeo.com/122609545. But I have some troubles with......... glue constraint... again I don't think I understand how glue constraint works... :/ Usually, I tweak density rbd object with glue constraint force for find a good balance between a steady rbd fractured object and a good impact. But I don't find any density parameter in the crowd DOP context :/ I share my scene because maybe I made some useless tweaks ^^" My setup: My bugs: Thanks :3 Because I'm kind of desperate with this glue constraint... :/ midwayVasetest05.zip
  8. hum ok ^^ I'm not sure I understand but thanks lol Maybe I must use shelf more often, but I prefer sometimes make thinkgs node by node (if I learn how to do it). ^^" But now I have another problem and I prepar another post .... ^^"
  9. Ok I find the problem... x) My two vases had same name for (output prefix) pieces in assemble SOP :x
  10. Hello guy ^^ I have a problem. I try to break one vase against another one. But the glue constraints behaviors are weirds :/ I check all my relative links and my two constaints data name. I don't understand how this constraints works together :/ First, my vase on the floor is immediatly broken and I don't really know why. When I have only this vase, the glue seems to works. Please help me ! :x I attach my scene with the obj, maybe there will be some broken link for shader but I think it's good. (made with Houdini 14). Thanks twoglueconstraintsgbove.zip
  11. The thing is; when i uncheck "create inside surface", I don't have the bridges between my interior and exterior anymore. (Even if I had it in my original mesh). ^^"
  12. Yeah I saw my error sorry I didn't update the post ^^ I finally understand how the dopimport works ^^ I thought the informations of the mesh was export to the dop but it's the opposite ^^ So I uncheck my dopnetwork visibility and it was good ^^ The problem was I had my real vase and the dynamic vase visible ^^"
  13. Hello guys ! I'm always training myself in Voronoi fracture with Houdini. Now I have another problem ^^" I have a mesh with a shell, and the Voronoi fracture understand that. But not with all pieces. I have weird inside mesh added in a few pieces and I don't know why :/ I tweak the random seed in Voronoi fracture points sop but I always have one or two piece with weird inside polygons :/ Thanks
  14. Hello Guy ! I'm a total beginner on Houdini (just a few months) and after learning basics and pyrofx basics, I began destruction days ago. My project ? Break chineses vases ! ^^ I search all the afternoon and tweak glue constraint but now I have a destruction... not perfect of course x) But my problem is, now that my vase is broken, I can't put a shader on the geometry sop. I import another vase, without all broke process and it's working. Can you check my nodes and tell me if my process is good ^^" Thanks ps: I check "visualize pieces" just for the screenshot but the shader doesn't work anyway ^^"
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