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  1. Offset Carve SOP Growth

    Hi , Jim! Actually , there is a function in houdini's include files. it's called adjustPrimLength. so, what you need to do is , in a primtive wrangle, call the function ,like below: the nice thing is , each curve can has a different f@dist attribute , so they can grow differently. Code like this : adjustPrimLength(0, @primnum, @perimeter, @perimeter*@dist);
  2. houdini non-circular gear (no teeth)

    Thanks for sharing, Guu!
  3. WIP - ok++'s softbodies RnD + .hip files

    Awesome,yglemarec! Thanks for sharing!
  4. Houdini Crowd Sim Attribute Question

    Great Man! You have a lot of technique!
  5. Houdini Crowd Sim Attribute Question

    Thanks So much , Farmfield!!! Yes,it is . i connect a popwrangle after the transition node , and use "sum" attribute to accumulate it , it works !
  6. Houdini Crowd Sim Attribute Question

    Hi All ! recently, i am learning houdini crowd , it has a attribute called i@crowdtransition_occurred. what i found is , whatever many transitions has occured , this attribute didnt change! it always be 0 . anyone can tell me why it didnt change?
  7. Knitting in Houdini

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing!!!
  8. Bug? attribute value dont refresh in a loop

    Thank you so much , Atom! That`s awesome.
  9. Bug? attribute value dont refresh in a loop

    Thanks for your answer Atom! sorry for the typo, and it has many points , pointwrangle is good, but it is multi-thread in which case maybe one thread changed the attribute value ,and the other thread read the unchanged value. I just want to simpify the question , concentrate on the obstacle. I made a more accurate Hip File ,and compare the value after the setattrib funtion, it is not consistent! test_1.hipnc
  10. Hi, everyone! Recently i am packaging an otl , a question occur to me. To simplify, i create a point , then create an attribute called "test". Finally i add a wrange node , code as below; And result in the termial as below: So , it turned out that the setpointattrib function didnt actually write the value to the attribute , maybe write to the cache? When i right click the pointwrangle2 node, select Spreadsheet , you can see , at the end it changed. Any help to write the value in the loop? TEST.hipnc
  11. help understand custom field

    Thanks Juraj! The videos are awesome! Thanks for reply! I did enable Confinement in pyro solver/shape, and could see curl field in spreadsheet , but i wonder if i can move the curl filed to another container , like Forces , which has a Gravity field in it . in the create_curl node, as i mentioned above, i set Data Name to Forces/curl , but it didnt work . I'm sorry I didn't explain clearly. Thanks for your reply, it really helps! Peng
  12. Hi guys! I'm diving into the Pyrosolver node , and under the node ------ Pyrosolver/gasvortexconfinement1, i found a node --create_curl, i tweak the parameter Data Name to Forces/curl, but i didnt work ,i can't see the curl field under the Forces container in the spreedsheet . And the default value of the parameter Data Name is MatchField , there isn't such a container ,so it create a temp field "curl" under pyro object . But i wonder if i can move the filed to a exist container such as Forces. Thanks.
  13. Ship Wave Trail

    Hi , Johnny! Thanks for your reply! This image means a lot to me ! Thanks!
  14. Ship Wave Trail

    Hey,Marcelo! Thanks for reply! I animate the ship in the x axis .Maybe i still need to tweek the vel.