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  1. pyro sim with timescale & retime sop issues

    thanks you guys! Will give that a try
  2. pyro sim with timescale & retime sop issues

    Hey all, got a 2d pyro sim at the moment and trying to retime it with the retime sop. It works great usually by using the volume and advection method within the retime, however my current pyro sim was set to use a time scale on the pyro solver of 0.1 instead of the usual 1. And now i realise that this seems to cause major glitches in my sim when its retimed. I can't show because of NDA issues but it gives this pulsing to the motion as it gets slowed down. This is all done before the cache by the way - so doing the retime straight from the dop io - and then caching after the retime I assume theres no clever way to fix this other than rebuild my sim with the timescale on the solver set to 1 and try and slow it down another way. Just a pain as the overall motion was pretty much done and locked, just the retiming is glitchy. Thanks
  3. Flickering on remeshed trace sop

    Hey guys, anyone had any experience with flicker geo when trying to remesh a trace sop? I'm tracing an animated cop network. Then running it through divide with bricker polygons. Whole thing works perfectly except for a few odd frames like here where holes inexplicably get ignored. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ify9o6gz5krkyjp/2020-03-11_09-48-28.gif?dl=0 Also tried remesh before but it was causing tears in the final remesh in other areas. So am guessing its something to do with trace? Any ideas? Thanks
  4. Clean skin issue from two similar curves

    Ah man, thanks so much. Of course it makes sense now. Cheers Tomas
  5. Clean skin issue from two similar curves

    Hey everyone, this has been bugging me all day. I've got two polygons with identical number of points, but when i skin them i can't get a clean surface. I thought shifting the point order would do it but it doesn't change anything. Can anyone explain why this is the case with skin? I know this could be done with polybridge too, but this is actually for a seperate task where i've gotta use nurbs curves - and seems to be the same issue there. Thanks skinissues.hipnc
  6. Minpos in pop wrangle working with vellum?

    Howard! How are you man, haha great movie! No problems i gotta watch that again. Works perfectly, thanks dude. How come it needs to go there, cos its gotta be post solve? So many things in houdini make sense, until they don't : )
  7. Isn't the plugin more about using substance assets inside of houdini? Ie you could bring in a substance generator and use it for height fields or cops etc. Painter doesn't generate any assets as such, it just uses textures and substance designer archives to paint and then generate texture maps for models. In that sense all you get out of painter is a texture map, which you could load in as a normal texture. Substance painter files just store the maps and strokes needed to recreate the painting you've done at different resolutions, so don't think it would be any use inside of houdini in itself?
  8. Minpos in pop wrangle working with vellum?

    Hey everyone, trying to recreate this example by matt estela over at cgwiki but in vellum http://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/index.php?title=HoudiniDops#pop_stick_v02 Seems like it should be simple enough to convert but can't get the pop wrangle with min pos to work? Any ideas? Also as a bonus question and since i'm still new to dops can anyone advise when you should be using a pop wrangle over a geo wrangle? Sops was all fine but till struggling with when to use pop wrangles, geo wrangles and sop solvers within dops context. Thanks! vellum_minpos.hipnc
  9. pop replicate 1st vs 2nd input

    Oh great, that makes sense, thats very much James!
  10. pop replicate 1st vs 2nd input

    Hey all, just been learning pop replicate, all makes sense except for the difference between the first and second input. Checking the help i'm still no wiser. Testing it myself in the scene i can't seem to find any cases where it makes any difference? I know that must be wrong. Can someone give an example of when you might use the second input over the first? Thanks
  11. Up res coloured pyro sim?

    Hey thanks bunker, i didn't manage to figure it out so far so this is really helpful. Cheers for setting this up
  12. Up res coloured pyro sim?

    Helps a lot, thanks for the tips. Will check those out, thankyou
  13. Up res coloured pyro sim?

    Hey, anyone had any luck with upres'ing a colour pyro sim in houdini? I'm just using the shelf tools to get something going quick. Colored smoke from my point coloured object works perfectly, but when i up res the container with the shelf tool, i lose the smoke colour - just goes black. Checking the details of the up res dop network, up res smoke object has cd and alpha enabled, the volume source is sourcing Cd as it was in the initial sim, but something not working quite right. If you do the coloured smoke shelf tool and then the up res container shelf tool, you should see what i mean. Anyone got this working? thanks
  14. packed geo confusion

    Hey thanks thats good to know
  15. packed geo confusion

    ah that makes sense in terms of what i was seeing happen. I've only just started looking at intrinsic attributes for packed geometry but thats good to go on. Seems like packed geo almost has two hierarchies of being moveable - the original packed geo 'points' which you could translate around and then also the intrinsic transform which can do the full orientation and scale aswell. Still slightly confused but much less confused! Definitely gotta read up on that stuff some more, but i can see why the selection thing was happening now. Thanks