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  1. visualising attribs on packed geo points

    Thanks guys, that makes sense finally. Cheers for the help
  2. Hey, i'm still pretty new to houdini but just trying to get my head around something (sorry if this is a stupid question). When you pack geometry, the geo gets saved as a reference and the packed geo represented by a primitive. But after its packed you can still add attributes to the new packed geometry points. For example i've seen people adding rotation and scale attributes that can then be used in a primitive sop to transform the packed geo. So say i added a randomised float attribute to the pieces after its been packed (maybe i'm going to use this in a wrangle to randomise the @P.y of the points later on), is it possible to visualise the attribute on the geo either with a visualise or color sop? So far i've not been able to do so. I know what i'm doing is probably wrong anyways, but just trying to understand why if the attribute is there on the packed point, why can it not be visualised on the geo like a tint on the geometry? Because the points are now locked away and can't have their color set right? Heres an example file of me creating a falloff attrib and trying to visualise that on the points Thanks guys packedgeoattributes.hiplc
  3. Aligning geometry to torus surface

    Cross product! Hadn't looked into that one yet. Thats perfect, thanks vtrvtr, and good point about mops, forgot about that one too Thanks for the help
  4. you too Caskal, taken me a while to get round to posting : )
  5. This is probably super simple so apologies. Something i've been struggling with is simply copying a box to the points on a torus but to get the orientation to match the flow of the torus itself (ideally would work for any surface too). So far my best attempt has been trying to set normal and up vectors with the polyframe sop before feeding into the copy to points. Almost works but i get the geo flipping on the center and one vertical loop of the torus (indicated in red on the image). Whats generally the best way to get this to work? It seems like there must be a simple way to do this. Thanks copytotorus.hipnc
  6. Tried this at work today, works perfectly. Thanks again!
  7. Thanks Thomas, of course yeah thats probably exactly what it is. Good idea, thanks for the help. Cheers
  8. hmmm could be a redshift thing. Seems that disabling rest normals on the node fixes this completely (despite the RS manual saying it needs rest normals added). Have asked about this on the RS forum
  9. Hi. thought i’d see if anyone has come across before. I've got a redshift scene with animating blocks. Essentially its a voronoi fracture, converted to packed geo, and then i'm running a noise through the @P.y of those packed pieces. Problem is I'm trying to setup a rest attribute on my geometry before packing it (so redshift triplanar doesn’t swim). Works fine except when i add the rest node it distorts the uv map near the edges. Assuming its because the rest attribute is being shared across those seams maybe? If i disable the rest node, it works fine but the texture swims. With it on its got the distortion. I tried making the points unique with a facet node before the applying uv and rest attribs but then it splits everything, which is not what i wanted either. I'm still fairly new to houdini, am sure theres a simple solution but i can't seem to figure it out. Heres a scene file if anyones interested https://www.dropbox.com/s/hrqsq1ajq7ro36z/triplanar_rest.zip?dl=0 Any ideas? Thanks
  10. Transitory pivots houdini

    Ahhhh thats what i was looking for, thanks so much!
  11. Transitory pivots houdini

    Hey guys, pretty new to modelling in houdini so appologies. Saw this tip about adjusting the pivot point temporarily. As I understand it once you deselect and reselect the pivot should go back? https://houdinitricks.com/transitory-pivots-houdini/ While moving the pivot works fine, i cannot seem to get back to the original pivot from before, i've checked the help, tried deselecting and reselecting it but doesn't seem to work for me. Is there something i'm missing? Heres a quick gif of me struggling with it. thanks