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  1. pop replicate 1st vs 2nd input

    Hey all, just been learning pop replicate, all makes sense except for the difference between the first and second input. Checking the help i'm still no wiser. Testing it myself in the scene i can't seem to find any cases where it makes any difference? I know that must be wrong. Can someone give an example of when you might use the second input over the first? Thanks
  2. Up res coloured pyro sim?

    Hey thanks bunker, i didn't manage to figure it out so far so this is really helpful. Cheers for setting this up
  3. Up res coloured pyro sim?

    Helps a lot, thanks for the tips. Will check those out, thankyou
  4. Up res coloured pyro sim?

    Hey, anyone had any luck with upres'ing a colour pyro sim in houdini? I'm just using the shelf tools to get something going quick. Colored smoke from my point coloured object works perfectly, but when i up res the container with the shelf tool, i lose the smoke colour - just goes black. Checking the details of the up res dop network, up res smoke object has cd and alpha enabled, the volume source is sourcing Cd as it was in the initial sim, but something not working quite right. If you do the coloured smoke shelf tool and then the up res container shelf tool, you should see what i mean. Anyone got this working? thanks
  5. packed geo confusion

    Hey thanks thats good to know
  6. packed geo confusion

    ah that makes sense in terms of what i was seeing happen. I've only just started looking at intrinsic attributes for packed geometry but thats good to go on. Seems like packed geo almost has two hierarchies of being moveable - the original packed geo 'points' which you could translate around and then also the intrinsic transform which can do the full orientation and scale aswell. Still slightly confused but much less confused! Definitely gotta read up on that stuff some more, but i can see why the selection thing was happening now. Thanks
  7. packed geo confusion

    Hey guys, sorry this is a basic question, just wanted to understand this bit more clearly. If i convert say a voronoi fracture - or even just a 'copy to points' to packed geo, what i love is i can then manipulate each piece like a single point. Say grab a few pieces and move them across or run a noise through the positions to offset the pieces. But I'm getting confused as to whether this packed geo is represented as a point or a primitive at this level. When looking at the attributes in attribute spreadsheet it feels like you are dealing with points as the position values are still on points. Also i can run noise through a point vop to randomise the position (trying the same on a primitive vop doesn't work). But if i try and select and move some of the pieces i have to be in primitive mode to select them. I've been able to work with this fine so far, but just wanted to know more about whats going on under the hood Heres an attached example though probably not needed packedprims.hiplc
  8. visualising attribs on packed geo points

    Thanks guys, that makes sense finally. Cheers for the help
  9. Hey, i'm still pretty new to houdini but just trying to get my head around something (sorry if this is a stupid question). When you pack geometry, the geo gets saved as a reference and the packed geo represented by a primitive. But after its packed you can still add attributes to the new packed geometry points. For example i've seen people adding rotation and scale attributes that can then be used in a primitive sop to transform the packed geo. So say i added a randomised float attribute to the pieces after its been packed (maybe i'm going to use this in a wrangle to randomise the @P.y of the points later on), is it possible to visualise the attribute on the geo either with a visualise or color sop? So far i've not been able to do so. I know what i'm doing is probably wrong anyways, but just trying to understand why if the attribute is there on the packed point, why can it not be visualised on the geo like a tint on the geometry? Because the points are now locked away and can't have their color set right? Heres an example file of me creating a falloff attrib and trying to visualise that on the points Thanks guys packedgeoattributes.hiplc
  10. Aligning geometry to torus surface

    Cross product! Hadn't looked into that one yet. Thats perfect, thanks vtrvtr, and good point about mops, forgot about that one too Thanks for the help
  11. you too Caskal, taken me a while to get round to posting : )
  12. This is probably super simple so apologies. Something i've been struggling with is simply copying a box to the points on a torus but to get the orientation to match the flow of the torus itself (ideally would work for any surface too). So far my best attempt has been trying to set normal and up vectors with the polyframe sop before feeding into the copy to points. Almost works but i get the geo flipping on the center and one vertical loop of the torus (indicated in red on the image). Whats generally the best way to get this to work? It seems like there must be a simple way to do this. Thanks copytotorus.hipnc
  13. Tried this at work today, works perfectly. Thanks again!
  14. Thanks Thomas, of course yeah thats probably exactly what it is. Good idea, thanks for the help. Cheers
  15. hmmm could be a redshift thing. Seems that disabling rest normals on the node fixes this completely (despite the RS manual saying it needs rest normals added). Have asked about this on the RS forum