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  1. Thank you again! They told me people at Odforce are really helpful. Now I can vouch for that!
  2. Thank you for a quick response! Yes I understand but how would I go about doing that? Say I have the density I like at frame 160. I make a new dopnet. How do I connect this to original dopnet's frame 160?
  3. Hey all! First time posting here. Been learning Houdini for quite a while. Loving the dynamic sims! Gotta admit its a bit different in terms of workflow which is why I am kind of stuck. So basically what I have set up is a torus which emits smoke for couple frames. In the dop network, after the pyrosolver I have a groundplane, gravity and magnet force(hooked to metaball to make the smoke from the torus expand radially outwards). I simmed this for 160 frames. Attached a file node after the output and wrote .sim files. I researched online and found that I have to plug this frame 160 simfile to initial state in the dop network and voila I get that expanded smoke shape on frame one. What I wanna do now is take this naturally expanded smoke shape and sim it so its kind of settling down on the ground. I don't want it to expand anymore but I donno why when I hit play on frame one, the smoke keeps expanding. I also increased gravity ridiculously high but the sim is somehow still not getting affected. SO, how does one set initial state in a way, Houdini doesn't remember the previous simulation data and takes this initial frame and starts affecting it depending on the forces in the dop network. I hope I am not confusing you. I will gladly post any other information you need to help me out. Thank you!