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  1. VDB to Maya

    It is for whitewater, if I rasterize the vel in the VDB I lost the control over it, and would not be able to get velocity pass. How can I merge the vel field afterwards? I will prepare an small test file.
  2. VDB to Maya

    Yes, I use the import fields and it brings the vel field as invisible, later I use the rasterize particle node and then a ROP output node to export the VDB file. But it seems that the velocity doesnt arrive to Maya.
  3. VDB to Maya

    Hello friends, I have an issue with vDB, when I export from Houdini to vray in maya I have no access to motion blur, the only way I find is to export the VDB is with volume rasterize particles node, but the motion blur is baked and cant be turned on or off in vray and the velocity pass in vray is empty. How can I export the VDB with a velocity channel ? Regards,
  4. Exporting Alembic from Houdini to Maya - No motion blur

    Thank you anim! works good!
  5. Exporting Alembic from Houdini to Maya - No motion blur

    Im curently using vray, in Maya. I turned on the export velocity in the rop_alembic node but it doesn't arrive to Maya, inside Houdini works fine when I reimport the alembic back but in maya doesn't work. Apparently is an issue with Maya. I have to convert to vramesh to render.
  6. Hey guys!, have an issue exporting liquid mesh from from Houdini to Maya, when I import it using alembic. When I turn motion blur it just doesn't work, any ideas?? thanks!
  7. Clone between 2 objects

    Sure: http://www.elarasystems.com/insights/case-studies/elara-labs/ The second one, named: Create a modifier that clones geometry between 2 nodes Michael, that's what I'm talking about, how do you drive it with the measured distance between two points?
  8. Clone between 2 objects

    Thanks! jrockstad, But I was lookking a way to do it without an spline, just by distance.
  9. Clone between 2 objects

    Hi, I'm a beginer in the path of the force (Houdini) and I'm trying to be able to copy an object based on the distance and between of two other objects, just as the new modifier created by Elara Systems using the new 3ds max MCG. I know it can be done with a spline and a copy sop easyly and get similar results, but I wanted to test if it is posible in Houdini, I know it is Any idea will be welcome
  10. Seet to Face In houdini - Create a vertex face normals

    Nevermind! I found it in facet node. ;D
  11. Hi guys, I met a problem, I sent an asseet from Houdini to Maya, then I saw a problem with the normals, that could be fixed in Maya with the Set to Face Normals, using the Create Vertex face normals in the mode Match face normals, I wonder is there a equivalent node in Houdini that can fix it before creating the asset? Thanks!