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  1. Houdini 19 Wishlist

    i dream about an overlaid network view atop 3d viewport for several years! it would save so much screenspace. something like animatrix did it:
  2. Random link of interest

    paper, video, source code, unity plug-in, 100 fps in 4K
  3. Best way to learn Houdini

    you could try to check out the help & sidefx website. they have hundreds of tutorials on their site and more linked up. this may be a good start: first steps - intro to houdini. 12 one hour lessons of basics and various contexts of houdini http://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=blogcategory&id=202&Itemid=361
  4. FMX 2012: od[lunch]

    i'll be there at fmx, i hope i can join you, i am not a frequenter on the forum, though.
  5. Side Effects Software – 25 years on

    woooow, this is the day, this is the hour! it's there, among the daily builds SideFX releases Houdini 12 http://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=2121&Itemid=360
  6. Scripting doubt

    http://vimeo.com/6017969 http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini11.0/rendering/deeprasters
  7. copy to the center of polygons

    divide sop, compute dual it connects the centerpoints of the polygons, just what you need. (the divide sop has some hidden nice surprises)
  8. Pose Space Deformers

    http://webstaff.itn.liu.se/~jonun/web/Teaching/2009-TNCG13/Siggraph08/talks.html seems like someone has it with various other siggraph papers (edit: oops, sorry it's just an abstract)
  9. Houdini audio class this Saturday, 10th

    Please Andrew Lowell & SESI record it and put it up on your webpage. You know that there aren't enough tutorials on CHOPs, here is a chance to make up for the hiatus.
  10. Poly reduce with uvs applied

    thanks for the idea. i tried this with build388 (winxp) today and it is even worse than 324. uv cuts also ignored, additionally uv's aren't transferred correctly (it looks like "wrap around mode" or whatever). what could be wrong? really a bug? i suspect (at least for build 324) it just simply ignores the cuts, for which i may come up with a workaround, something like handling UV islands one by one? UVtest_v003.hipnc
  11. Poly reduce with uvs applied

    hi! i would like to transfer uv's from a lo-poly proxy object to a hi-poly object. attribute transfer works great but ignores cuts in my lo-poly uv's and connects (interpolates) the corresponding uv's on the hi-poly object, although those should be cut. this way every place where uv's are cut will have wrong, waving textures. how can i get it to behave? i suspect connectivity sop is for me but no idea right now. thanks in advance.
  12. Renaming a BGEO sequence

    nothing comes close to total commander's built-in multi-rename tool on windows. select your files, press ctrl+m, or from the menu: files\multi-rename. you can add or replace sequence numbers, add date, time, regexp, whatnot, even preview (watch for sortorder that defines the renaming sortorder as well)
  13. you could export your object multiple times, once with uv1, then uv2, etc. then import them into maya and copy the uv's onto one object. of course if you have lots of uv's and objects, it will be quite a hassle in maya
  14. Takes and a real state of things...

    oooooh, i love takes. it is a really incredible tool, but would need some minor additions, which could help it a lot. i really miss some high visibility warning to let you know you are on a take. a 3dsmax-like big red animate button and red viewport framing would be fine i guess. (now, i'll have to check out how to add takes from other hip files too) also, being on the main take and setting a parameter on a different one would be handy sometimes. also, a better take overview/manager pane would be handy, because the take pane is just not enough as it is now. it does not provide a clear enough overview about what objects and properties you changed so far, or selecting objects which are changed on the current take, and such. also, seeing changed values could be handy. basically the take pane can move/merge/delete takes, and delete added parameters, nothing more. no selecting or jumping to changed nodes/objects, no changing/listing values. also, sometimes i want a take which is based on the main one, sometimes completely independent. one may do a clean take with everything turned off and add in child takes under that, but it doesn't seem too clever. ps: i am quiet new in houdini, so i may have overlooked something, in this case just let me know
  15. Puffy Clouds