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  1. Hi, beginner here. I have a scene where I want a smoke pyro effect to billow out from under a car bonnet, but have run into a few problems. The mesh is all modelled in maya, exported using Alembic and then imported into Houdini. I've made sure the normals are all correct, the mesh is clean and is acting as a static object. The problem i'm having is any smoke that I produce underneath the 'bonnet' mesh passes right through without being effected. I've tried with both volume based collisions and non, and the problem persists. I've become aware that perhaps the problem is because the mesh is too thin and scaling the mesh up does actually fix it, but i'd prefer to keep the mesh at its current size as it already has camera's set up to it's scale for compositing. Any ideas? Appreciate your time.
  2. Pyro effects passing through Static object

    Thanks Atom. I have actually used this method before, making a proxy mesh that was more suitable for particle collisions. Though, this mesh has small(ish) holes in it that the smoke is meant to pass through, like a vent. I fear that modelling these sections again would make the mesh just as complex as it already is. Is it still recommended to make a placeholder that is in essence, an exact replica of the original?
  3. Ocean in a Bottle Sim

    Hey guys, I'm extremely new here, and have just been experimenting with Particle fluids and Ocean FX. I'm now trying to achieve a Wavy Ocean effect inside a bottle (eventually it will have a boat on the water) but i'm lost for how to get the Ocean FX to be contained within the Bottle mesh. Could anyone recommend any resources that could help, or push me in the right direction? I have managed to get a FLIP Fluid form Object in the bottle, but the particles slowly leak from the mesh at two points in the mesh. Any help would be great.. Thanks!