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  1. Particle Setup Question - New To Houdini

    Starting to get somewhere --
  2. Particle Setup Question - New To Houdini

    So this tutorial is outdated and i cant fully follow it... the Create_Volume_Density node is different and i cant figure out where to get that going. from what ive ready on the boards is that theres a different method its doing it now. Any idea?
  3. Particle Setup Question - New To Houdini

    Awesome.. i will try to follow this.. i only have like 2 weeks of work in houdini under my belt lol so im not exactly understanding how it all breaks down but ill do my best and hit you back.
  4. Particle Setup Question - New To Houdini

    i could try to sketch something out... basically what i have in mind for this little short video... is i have some models i purchased of really nice exotic cars, i want to walk outside get a plate of me walking around my driveway, and i want to make cars basically appear... but i wanted them to kind of scale up like the effect from Antman, but when they fully appeared i wanted them to sorta have a puff of a cloud of smoke from the car it self.. if that makes sense.. now i dont know if it makes sense to scale the model and make the puff, or make the puff on a full sized model and scale in Nuke as the animation ???? i think it would be more realistic and the smoke growth and all would look much better as it expanded the model really quick.
  5. Hey guys, i was out the other day shooting with my new blackmagic camera and had an idea of something i wanted to do, fairly new to houdini, coming from 3dsmax and fumefx, but basically the basic idea to get started would be this: Mesh, generating particles (smoke like, but inheriting the color of the mesh object), I want the smoke to be dense say tight to the mesh, and i want the mesh to start scaled down small and i want to expand it to full size quickly, say within 8-16 frames, and as it expands and comes to a stop, the smoke to sorta just puff off it and fade away with some wind. SO i basically need a mesh creating smoke from its surface all over it, maybe points per face or something, and i need it to be pushed out by the scaling mesh? How complex of a setup would this be? Thanks Mark
  6. Shader Building in Houdini

    I need some education on how to do any type of shader work.. i am working with these 3dBuzz Tutorials that are great, but they keep referring to this VEX Super Material which they do not have any more and i don't know where to begin now.. how to get past these steps. Able to help out??? Maybe a little quick 1 on 1 session?