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  1. How use volumes to detect collision in sop and deform

    Sure, here a basic example: Thank you for your help vtrvtr curve_tentacle_for_deform_example.hipnc
  2. How use volumes to detect collision in sop and deform

    Yes! This is exactly what I mean, In this file the attributeVOP check the second input information to create a volume and volume gradient with a compare and create a if condition with the twoway, thankyou vtrvtr! But I have one problem, now, my geometry consist in one object with groups (based on a system of curves to continue the procedural workflow for my set up) so I would need to say in the vop that it must read the information about each group volumes to deform themselfs, so i don't have geometry 1 and geometry 2, but only one converted in volumes groups, Is possible make this operation? Can I use foreach?
  3. Hey guys, sorry for my english There is a way in Houdini to detect the collision and have a organic style deformation without dynamics to avoid the intersection of the meshes? I have some geometry groups (tentacles based on curves) in a single object, so, I thinks is possible with volumes and a vex expression with if and else, but I'm not so good with vex, i'm still learning. So, using a foreach loop , maybe converting the mesh into volumes and use a scatter to have the surface and inside points to detect their position, how can I import in a wrangle the groups and their points info to create this type of action? I know the message but i don't know how to write it, some ideas? Thank you
  4. Bending with foreach sop - outwards

    Thank you guys! Awesome effect!
  5. Problems with droid destruction

    Thank you, Jav... Netvudu, you officialy save my day!! My teacher doesn't explain as good as you.
  6. Problems with droid destruction

    Posting same image of the project
  7. Problems with droid destruction

    Hi people! I have a problem with a Droid Destruction ( I apologise for my ...horrible english), I'm using a mocap's nulls to imparent peaces of a robot body (fractured for collision) and convert its to rigids body with constrain. But..what's happend? when I try my collision the piece of body act in a wrong way it not following the null animation. I try to cache it's animation and create a group for a 'active' attribute ..but don't work. Can you help me? I post a file with a 'super' basics scene without the cache only with null animation. Thank you in advance guys! SCENE BASICS.hipnc
  8. whitewater birth control

    Thank you Gramx!!