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  1. Hi tjeeds, The second vop with the XYZdist node really did the trick there. Thanks alot, didn't figure out that node before, I thought that might need some calculation on query surface color info with distance to the point and reproject to the point color. Some how it can be done within few nodes. Thanks again. Trying to get high resolution texture project back to my fluid mesh now. currently seems a little low resolution.
  2. melting a textured object with FLIPs

    Hi Fathom, yea. that's the problem I having how. I didn't use any rest node before. Do you means the rest position is something like start frame of my sim? But I have already do the uv convert process, doesn't it give same outcome? I did some checking on my uv convert on both vertex and point, they look the same and i check the point from volumn colour, It didn't show the seams,. I am guessing some how it's the uv transfer back to mesh problem.
  3. melting a textured object with FLIPs

    Hi Atom, Thanks for the hint. I am transfering my vertex UV to point UV, so I didn't place another UV texture node there. So I not sure if it's that problem.
  4. melting a textured object with FLIPs

    I am having this Seams, problems as well. Have you got any idea on this problem yet?
  5. Hi Guys, I have been trying to get my point's cd from a mesh with texture. I seen alot of method around that are using attribute promotes from vertex UV to points UV. However the UV I promoted are slightly off. I wonder if there's any way that I can use a vop to get closest surface texture's color info and project them to my point cd? Very much thanks and appreciate any help from you guys. I have attrached my file. texPoinntTex002.hip and the obj file (testAlembicCon.hip), just have to change the extension to.obj will do. texPointTex002.hip testAlembicCon.hip
  6. FlipFluid Morph

    Hi guys, I have been learning to do a morph with flip. I able to do it with normal scatter in SOP or just with particle and some vopsop added. But when come to flip particles, I tried to remain the water-like attribute after morph. I added same amount of PT with custom IDs on both emitter and goal object. But I just couldn't get the particle rest at my goal object with some slowing-down look. Anyone have some suggestion or idea ? Much appreciated. Moph_testt.hipnc
  7. Flip Air Resistance Force

    Oh, Thanks for the idea. Much appreciated on the help. But somehow I will still experiment on other setting.
  8. Flip Air Resistance Force

    Hi Aleksandr, So you just added a ground plane in the file right?
  9. Flip Air Resistance Force

    Hi Aleksandr, I have attached my file here. but it's just a very simple file that I wanted to test on the environment air resistant force that collider the outer surface of the flip liquid and make it like slowing down while the center of the clip remain the velocity. So it will form a kind of visual that while the flip liquid ball traveling it will lost velocity at the outer surface. Much Thanks! waterBall_AirResistance.hipnc
  10. Flip Air Resistance Force

    Hi Tomas, I have seen these post. Might worth to give it a try. But I am trying to archieve a look like liquid in a ball form that drag a trail overtime. Anyway, Thanks for the infomation. =]
  11. Flip Air Resistance Force

    Hi guys, I having an idea on creating sort of a "split" effect with flip, which the particles will somehow randomly lost some velocity while traveling and drag a trail behind it. with this basic concept, I start with a sphere and turn it into emitter. Then I simply add an initial velocity on X-axis and what I got is a water ball travelling toward X-axis. I was expecting the particles will face some "air resistance" force and start to slow down. But it didn't. I tried with drag field or field force, but somehow I not sure if I didn't get the right setting, the result just not what I expecting. Anyone can give me some suggestion regarding this? Sorry if I asked a stupid question. Still getting into it.
  12. FLIP Output - Best way

    btw, the way of turning on checkpoints every 10 frames you mention is on the DOP network, explicit cache and set the explicit frames to "10"? what if I caching out by fetching multiple ROP during the output, wouldn't it able to do the explicit cache at the same time as well? edit : is the save checkpoints option only avaible in houdini 14?
  13. FLIP Output - Best way

    Hi Myke3d, glad that you tested out a method. Looking forward to see some good work from you. cheers.
  14. flipbook preview Flip cache

    nah, I actually adding second hard drive just for storage. It's actually a 3TBs secondary hard drive. Just that I personally feel the computer started begin to slow down a little bit. So I wonder that the cache delay problem is done by this issue. Well I just read another article regarding RAID 0 about it storing format, I think I will just stay in my current partition will do as I don't wan my data gone if either one hard drive giving out problems.