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  1. Using python for convert file sequence path

    If you only have to deal with $F then you may consider using hou.expandStringAtFrame() instead.
  2. Hi all, I need to do some pipeline related processing of nodes in case their asset library goes missing. Is there any way to detect missing HDA definition programmatically in python? Some sort of callback on scene load would suffice, can someone please give me a hint? Alternatively, given a hou.Node instance, is there a reliable way to tell whether it's using complete definition?
  3. Hi all, Here's a noob question: is there any convienience class for per pixel raster image manipulation in HDK? By that I mean something simple and stupid with a method like putPixel(int x, int y, const UT_RGBA& pixel). All of the classes like IMG_Raster, PXL_Raster and so on seem to serve a different purpose and do not have such functionality. Of course I can calculate an offset into the buffer myself, but maybe someone could point me at the class that does it or suggest a better way of doing it?. I need this for temporary visualization purposes only, and performance is not an issue. Thank you in advance.
  4. You can set HOUDINI_DSO_ERROR env var to 1 and Houdini will do exactly that.
  5. VEX custom function context

    Hi Maurits, Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, this doesn't work since $OBJID appears to be always 0 on Geometry VOP node.
  6. Hi all, Could anyone please give me a hint, is there a way to retrieve context information (i.e. inputs of the calling Geometry VOP) from inside of the custom VEX function's evaluator? Alternatively, is there a way to feed the object ID of the object currently being simulated into a VEX function as a parameter? Then I could just find the appropriate DOP data by means of HDK. Thanks,