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  1. pipe in / fifo file

    Hey Peon, I cannot get it to work, I don't know what's going on. I tried with my own code that works between my client and server (forget about sending data... just barely CONNECTING to Houdini), and my code works on it's own. But it doesn't for Houdini. I checked my Firewall options and it shouldn't be a problem. Trying to run your exact same code and it never outputs any message, error, or anything, it just stays there thinking. Any ideas or help you may give me?? For the Houdini side I'm just setting one Pipe In node inside a CHOP_network in /obj/, and it's set to Source: Network, ServerAddres: localhost, ServerPort:5556, and ACTIVE. Any help you may give me... thanks!
  2. Reading from Pipe Out CHOP (Network Mode)

    Anyone found any solution or option to this?? I just need to stream out an object orientation to a unix node. Any clues?
  3. Apply force in local frame of object

    Thanks a lot for the replies. I have been working for some days now, and I finally could not get the Local POP to work with my RB. I watched the Bullet Masterclass and tried to work it out but could not. In the end I created my own vopforce to do the math inside the vop, and that works fine. The problem now is that I cannot seem to find how to apply this force in a certain point offset of the center (kind of what point force does). So I was looking at two solutions that I need some help with if possible: 1) Bind Export the value of the force in the world frame as calculated by the vop force and use that in a Point force node (cannot seem to get hold of the bind exported parameter outside the vop. Don't know how to call it) 2) Implement inside my vopforce, a local offset to apply the force to. 3) If you can put an example of the local pop force in a RBD object that would surely help I believe. Any help you guys can provide would be awesome. I leave here the file I'm using to test all this. Thanks again! Francisco. RBD_local_force.hiplc
  4. Apply force in local frame of object

    I'm sorry I cannot understand you. I have spent since your post inspecting the POP force and it seems everybody uses them for particles, and needs a POP source input. I'm looking to have 4 different forces applied to each vertex of a same "cube". I know your answer is probably correct and I'm the one that doesn't understand it... haha. So, I have prepared a file so that maybe you can help me out in what is it than I'm doing wrong. I attach here a file with a quad which is just hovering with 4 uniform forces of a quarter of the gravity. I'm trying not only to apply them in a certain point (which I "can" do with the point force node), but also to keep on exerting force in the local frame as the cube rotates. Any help is really welcome! Thanks a lot! Francisco. quad_test.hipnc.zip
  5. Hello Community, Been looking and exploring nodes for a while now and I cannot find the answer to this problem. How to apply a force to an object in it's own local frame so even when I do rotate that object, the force is applied let's say in the y axis. To give you guys some context, I want to model a quadrotor, and have the guy have 4 propellers in which I want to put uniform forces to each of them to drive a point in the quadrotor. Then, by modifying the values of the propellers, I could eventually model it's yaw, pitch and roll with just forces and torques. But all the force nodes I seem to explore are in the GLOBAL frame and you apply it to the absolute y of Houdini and not to it's local y. Any idea how I can solve this?? Thanks a lot once again! Francisco.
  6. Hello guys! I'm stuck with a small problem!!! 1.- I have an OBJ with different groups, and a material assigned to each primitive by shop_materialpath. 2.- When I render in normal conditions it renders fine. 3.- If I export it as a bgeo and do NOT use delayed render... it works fine. 4.- When I use the bgeo as geometry shader for delayed render, and even though the path to each of my materials in the bgeo shop_materialpath exists... the object does not render correctly. I have read A LOT of topics on this... and most of them were from Houdini 8, or 9. Nobody was asking this in a new version of Houdini so maybe it's only happening to me. How can I "pack" or write to IFD my material definitions? Should I still include them in my new hip file?? People were talking of "activating" Declare All SHOPs, but that was way back in 2002... so... I kind of need more updated info. I'm running Houdini Indie. It seems to me that rendering objects from disk with material assignments should be a pretty trivial thing in Houdini... but it's been days since I got stuck in this. Any help would be really welcome. Thanks a lot, Francisco.
  7. Houdini Multiple Session in Mac OSX

    So simple... so elegant. THANK you Marty! Best community ever so far! And I swear I googled this a 1000 times before posting here. But everybody just said put houdini. THANKS again!
  8. Houdini Multiple Session in Mac OSX

    haha. Sorry... the message I had written that was long got deleted and it seems I forgot to comment that I already tried several things in the Houdini Terminal like "houdini" but I always end up with a Houdini Apprentice new terminal... and not with the Houdini Indie that is the one that I have to use. Thanks!
  9. Hello everybody, Been using Houdini Indie for two months and loving it and learning a lot of the steep curve this program presents. I would really appreciate to have several sessions of this program open at the same time in Mac OS X, but I have not found out how. A colleague has them on Linux I believe, but I cannot do this in Mac. Anybody that already know how to do this? Would really be appreciated. Thanks, Francisco.