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  1. Is it possible to reverse the normals on patches inside Topobuild? When there are patches that are reversed, you can't scissor through them continuously; using a reverse node afterwards doesn't help me. Thanks, -Dave
  2. Do you have Side Fx Labs tools installed? If you don’t, first display the toolbar by clicking the + next to toolbar, and selecting SideFX Labs. Then hit the first icon, Update Toolset, and update it to latest non-production build. After install and restart, you can find it in network view: Labs Voxel Mesh (Beta)
  3. Thanks for correct terminology and link, Henry. Gonna check it out now. Thanks again, -Dave
  4. Hello. Could anyone point me to a tutorial or something that would explain how you would create multiple 'instances?' inside an HDA. What I'm trying to describe is that little '+' (or 'X') button inside of 'Attribute Create' to create (or delete) an additional attribute. 'Add' also has it, where you can create additional points. I'm guessing scripting (python?) is needed; do you know of any tutorials that cover that? Thanks, -Dave
  5. Thank you for super quick response, Tomas! Also thank you, Dennis for super quick response while I was typing this!
  6. In Attribute Delete, how can I delete all Point Attributes except Cd? Is there an opposite to * ? Like a !=? Thanks, -Dave
  7. Ah. That was the problem. Thanks for your replies and patience. Interestingly, if you already have one wired up into the interface, I seemed to be able to add a second group+transfer nodes and then only had to drag base group name into interface. 'Manual' select worked on that second base group input, although it did display the original geometry, not with the first group+transfer. I'll just make sure to drag/keep those 7 params each time just to be safe (and set to invisible). Thanks again!
  8. Hello again. I still can't get this working on my own subnets/hdas. I was able to edit param interface on yours and add a second group+transform nodes, and that works; I can select new points outside the network thru the param interface (the arrow button). So, I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong on my own subnets/hdas. For this test, I created a subnet, dove inside and wired up a group and transform. On top, I 'edit parameter interface', go back inside and drag the "Base Group" name into the edit param int. Also did it for "Group Type". Apply/Accept. I can type in numbers into the base group, and change my Group Type. That works as expected. When I try clicking the arrow, I get error - 'Nonetype' object has no attribute 'eval'. Thanks again for your help. -Dave vu_HDASelect_MineNotWorking.hiplc
  9. Thx for super quick reply! I've got a problem with it though. First, I noticed that after I selected the new points (and hit enter), it would drop me out of SOPs to obj level. I tried making an HDA from your subnet and have problems. When I now try to select the points, I get error message: "Attempt to access an object that no longer exists in houdini." Do you experience that on your end? Oh wait.. Now when I try redoing that, I no longer get that error message and it seems to work. It still dumps me out to obj level. Any ideas how to prevent that? Thanks again! -Dave PS. Did you just drag the parameters into the Edit Parameter Interface? I tried that on my own test subnet inside your file, but I still get my original error message - 'Nonetype' object... The only difference I noticed between the two Base Group parameters is you had Hide When: "{ groupbase ==0}".
  10. Hi all. I'm trying to build a little tool that deletes points in a pointcloud based on a selected point's color and a tolerance. Got that working. Now I'd like to turn my tool into an HDA. Not exactly sure how to describe my problem, but I'd like to be able to select points at the top of the hda interface (rather than going inside into the Group Create node to select new points). I tried draggin the "Base Group" parameter from the Group Create node, but in the HDA interface, I can't use that arrow icon to select new points in the viewport. 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'eval'. My temporary workaround is to manually select points( BTW, what's the shortcut for the select tool?), switch to move tool (t), copy the points from the newly created edit tool and paste it into my HDA interface. Not ideal, but it's working. Maybe this involves scripting the hda interface, but I'm clueless with that. Any help is much appreciated. Thx, -Dave
  11. Hi. I can't seem to get this working; I can't attach a BP (with spline component) to the HDA (with object merge node). In Houdini, in my HDA, I have object merge node feeding into my graph. I dragged “Object 1” from the object merge into Type Properties. In Channels tab of the parameter now has “object_merge1/objpath1”. Apply,Accept. Save Node Type, Match Current Definition. In Unreal, I select my imported HDA and Rebuild All Instances. I now have an input parameter that can be: Geometry Input, Asset Input, Curve Input, Landscape Input, World Outliner Input, Skeletal Mesh Input. No matter which I choose, I can't select my CharacterSplinePath BP (which contains a simple Spline Component created from Add Component, and I checked Editable when Inherited). What Input setting does it need to be to use the blueprint? Probably something stupid that I'm missing, but I can't figure this out. Thanks in advance! -Dave
  12. They've added Straight Skeleton to GameDevTools!
  13. Nope, I do not.. Thanks for the tip. And many thanks for the video tutorial! That's great!
  14. Hola! I'm trying to work through this as well, and I think I have the solution, thanks to Kim Goossens - If anyone could help demonstrate how to create straight skeleton for roofs, that'd be awesome! I think I understand the concept, where when the vectors converge and meet up, it starts over with that newly created curve until you're left with a single line. Not sure how that could be accomplished with vops (or wrangle), but would love to learn. -Dave
  15. How can I use another node's name in a texture path string? I know $OS will get the current node's name; I'd like to get the name of my 'File' node. And then use that inside of something like e:\documents\houdiniProjects\Models\Fireplace_diffuse.tga, where 'Fireplace' is the name of my 'File' node. Or for selecting a material, like SH_Fireplace_Retopo. Thanks! -Dave
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