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  1. Procedural Spline generator from Houdini to Unreal

    Hi. I can't seem to get this working; I can't attach a BP (with spline component) to the HDA (with object merge node). In Houdini, in my HDA, I have object merge node feeding into my graph. I dragged “Object 1” from the object merge into Type Properties. In Channels tab of the parameter now has “object_merge1/objpath1”. Apply,Accept. Save Node Type, Match Current Definition. In Unreal, I select my imported HDA and Rebuild All Instances. I now have an input parameter that can be: Geometry Input, Asset Input, Curve Input, Landscape Input, World Outliner Input, Skeletal Mesh Input. No matter which I choose, I can't select my CharacterSplinePath BP (which contains a simple Spline Component created from Add Component, and I checked Editable when Inherited). What Input setting does it need to be to use the blueprint? Probably something stupid that I'm missing, but I can't figure this out. Thanks in advance! -Dave
  2. How to generate interior levels with modular pieces

    They've added Straight Skeleton to GameDevTools!
  3. How to generate interior levels with modular pieces

    Nope, I do not.. Thanks for the tip. And many thanks for the video tutorial! That's great!
  4. How to generate interior levels with modular pieces

    Hola! I'm trying to work through this as well, and I think I have the solution, thanks to Kim Goossens - If anyone could help demonstrate how to create straight skeleton for roofs, that'd be awesome! I think I understand the concept, where when the vectors converge and meet up, it starts over with that newly created curve until you're left with a single line. Not sure how that could be accomplished with vops (or wrangle), but would love to learn. -Dave
  5. How can I use another node's name in a texture path string? I know $OS will get the current node's name; I'd like to get the name of my 'File' node. And then use that inside of something like e:\documents\houdiniProjects\Models\Fireplace_diffuse.tga, where 'Fireplace' is the name of my 'File' node. Or for selecting a material, like SH_Fireplace_Retopo. Thanks! -Dave