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  1. The (very) first Days...

    all your work is incredible ! your site is in my favorites hehe
  2. Hi ! Can you explain exactly what you want ? You don't want the grains to follow the sphere ?
  3. The Wave breakdown

    Whoaoo ! Crazy job !!! I think there is missing some particles huhu
  4. Hi Charles, I can't help you with some vex cause i don't know one word of it ^^ But you can try with a pop network... I don't know if it's what you want, but i tryed to use you're red points like a source, and then i get the an age attribut. I don't know if with that you can do what you want... Bye AgePointInGroup02.hipnc
  5. Dune sand

    Hey ! here is the file with the "wakeUp_with_volume". I'm trying to do the same than in H15 but in h15 they are using some new nodes... So i copied de vex expression, but i don't know which node i have to use to make the same than in H15. I attached here the two vex expressions. Scene_Desert_Rescale_47.hip Block_if.txt end_if.txt
  6. Dune sand

    Hey ! here is the scene cleaned up. Even if the sim zone is smallest than my fisrt tests, my computer crash... I'm trying to do like the node in H15 "awake by geometry" Do you think is going to help me ? I don't know how to optimize more the scene ti e able to launch the sim on my computer... I have 24 Gb of ram, an i7 2600k, and a geforce gtx 560. Scene_Desert_Rescale_46.hipsource_grain.rar https://www.dropbox.com/s/jih9ssgrgba2zk4/collisionbox_dune.rar?dl=0
  7. Vray Cam to Houdini

    In this case, i export a simple camera from max in fbx, and it will work... It was to keep exactly the parameters of the Vraycam.
  8. Dune sand

    Yes, kind of what i want, thanks !! i've done a new scene from scratch with everything scale before exporting to houdini, Give me few minuts and i send you the new file if you don't mind, so you can tell me if i'm doing well.
  9. Vray Cam to Houdini

    Hi Pathan, Thanks for the answer, but when i export my camera with fbx file, i just get some nulls in houdini....
  10. Dune sand

    Hi Jay Thanks for your answer. So i'm going to try rescalling in 3ds max. I attach the Bgeo files, it's not like what you want, but sohould work. I've attached a new scene file with alembics locked too ! Thanks again, See you! Dune.zip collision_box.zip source_grain.zip Scene_Desert_37_refine_scne.hipnc
  11. Dune sand

    Hi, I come here today to ask you some help for a project i'm working on. The scene takes place in a desert and i have to make the dune of the foregroud in sand. The idea is that a helmet and a sabre fall down in the sand, so the sand have to react consequently. My first tests were bad because my zone of simulation was too big (i think) So when i launch the simulation, my computer crash after 5/6 frames... To resolve this probleme, i reduce the zone of simulation, but it's always taking a lot of time and when i rise up the resolution of my particles, the computer crash... I don't know if i'm working in the good way, i'm quite new in houdini, so may be i've not the good pipeline for this project... I'm trying to optimize the scene but it's complexe for me to have something good... In the scene you can see that a lot of my objects are in a subnetwork that i scaled, i don't know if it's the good way to scale my scene... I'm lost with this work... if someone have directions to give me, or a way to optimize my scene to get what i want, it should be really nice ! Sorry for my english, tell me if it's not undertandable. I attached my scene file, and i don't know why i can't attach abc files if someone knows why Have a good day dear houdinisss Scene_Desert_36_refine_scne.hip
  12. Vray Cam to Houdini

    up up
  13. Hi everyone, I come here today to ask you if it's possible to import a Vray Cam from 3ds max to houdini keeping all parameters. I don't know if the post is in the good category, if not sorry Have a good day ! Thanks.