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  1. setdetailattrib "min" issue

    That makes sense. Thanks for the explanation!
  2. setdetailattrib "min" issue

    Hi everyone, Simple question for ya'll this morning. I've just found out that the setdetailattrib has modes which can apparently return min/max and more. The max seems to work fine, but the min not so much. Always returns 0 in my case. Just add this in a wrangle of some scattered points or anything. f@noise = anoise(v@P, chi("turbulence"), chf("roughness"), chf("attenuation")) + chf("offset_min"); setdetailattrib(0,"min",@noise,"min"); setdetailattrib(0,"max",@noise,"max"); Is this a bug? Thanks
  3. PBD attribute equivalent to pin to animation

    Hi, Is there an attribute that we can use with PBD to basically pin points? I tried using targetP haven't been able to "pin" per say. The only way I've found is overwritting @P in a pop wrangle. Thanks! tentacles_v001.hipnc
  4. nearpoints problem

    Hey Fubbu, Based on what I understand, your second input only provides 121 points, not 100 (you have 100 primitives, middle click on the node grid1). Hence, you're only providing 121 possible positions to your 1000 points. Can I ask what it is that you're trying to achieve? Thanks!
  5. Could you share your file? Do you have any other display flags? Make sure to hide other objects (top right corner above the viewport). 7gb a pop is pretty heavy so don't expect to be able to scrub the timeline. That's all I have off the top of my head
  6. You can always use an attribute in a vex expression. For instance, in a pop force node, click one UseVEXpressions. Then you can create a float based on your Cd and drive the amplitude of the noise. float strength = length(v@Cd); amp *= strength; Does this answer your question?
  7. Finding Same piece at @name

    Got it! There's probably a more efficient way of doing this, but I'm currently learning python First one, create a point attribute = 0 for all packed objects. Then plug in your packed geo in a python sop and copy this inside. Then if the point attribute repeat is equal to 1 you know that piece's name is doubled at least. node = hou.pwd() geo = node.geometry() all_list = list() for point in geo.points(): repeat = point.attribValue("repeat") name = point.attribValue("name") if name not in all_list : all_list.append(name) elif name in all_list : repeat = 1 point.setAttribValue("repeat", repeat) for point in geo.points(): if repeat == 1 : print name I'd love to know how python experts would write this
  8. Finding Same piece at @name

    Hi Jamshid, This sounds a lot like a python thing to do. I've seen one of my sups do it before where you basically create a new list if a certain name exists more than once. I have a bit of free time today so I'll try to come up with a basic hip file. Keep you posted!
  9. At least with the new for-each loops you don't need to dive-in and out all the time
  10. Of course it is! Groups you create in SOPs get pulled in in DOPs. Here's a small example file to get you started example_RBD_forces.hipnc
  11. Intersecting RBD using multiple constraint networks

    Would it help if you increased the substeps on the the bullet solver instead of the dop network?
  12. VDB creep using solver

    I have a basic scatter to begin with that run through the solver. Then I simply use a point replicate and add a polywire sop.
  13. VDB creep using solver

    Hi everyone, Just wanted to share a little something I worked on yesterday. I created a VDB creep within a solver and for now the issue I have is birthing points at different times and adding them into the solver. For now they all get created at the same time. Still trying to figure this part out https://vimeo.com/249245842
  14. Heightfields, displacement and UVs

    Yeah I'm curious about the whole creating UVs for heightfield generated terrain as well. I'll try a few things on my side as well.
  15. merging multiple constraints in DOP

    Hey Mahdi, I strongly suggest you take a look at Steven Knipping's videos. The first one is free. And the second isn't but it really has all the answers you're looking for if ever you have a few bucks to spend. Cheers!