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  1. Creating redshift shader from attribute

    That looks awesome! Let's see if I can adapt it to alembics! Thanks man
  2. How can I transfer volume data to geometry ?

    Also, as a fast patch, what i would do is making a particle sim advected by that smoke and there u can do whatever attribute transfer from the particles to the geo, since the particle will follow exactly the same movement as the pyro sim.
  3. Hi guys! I've been hitting this wall project after project. I am not good at scripting, but i was wondering if a script or a function could be done, or if it's a crazy idea. Well, usually when I recieve a model from a modeler, the guy has already assigned materials to the model, that houdini will read like shop_materialpath. Ok, now, if the model has 10 or 20 different shop_materialpath, it's really painful to check 1 by 1 the names and make 1 by 1 the shaders with the same name under the mat context. Do you think there is a workaround in scripting to make this process automatic? What is your workflow about this subject? Have a good day guys, if I get anything working I'll post it here, since I think it could be a really cool tool for everyone!
  4. Studio Workstation

    Around 3 years ago i built my home workstation for freelancing with exactly the components you pointed me. I must say its the best workstation i've ever had, 0 problems since then and im running windows on it! I'm just following what this guy says blindfolded hahahaha Thanks man!
  5. Studio Workstation

    Does it need a lot of manteinance? I've heard you have to change the liquid every 4months or so and check tubes, etc.... Thats mainly why i go for fans, low manteinance! haha
  6. Studio Workstation

    Yeah, we have a 8TB SSD NAS for cache purposes! Thanks!
  7. Studio Workstation

    Oh fuck sorry, i meant that RAM by 4 times, a total of 128gb, im gonna edit right now! Thanks!
  8. Studio Workstation

    Hello! We want to get 2 new workstations for houdini / redshift / mantra / nuke. We asked to a computer company in Barcelona, and they send us this list, what do you think? What would you change? Thanks guys! - MoBo: GIGABYTE X570 Aorus Master - CPU: Ryzen 9 3950x 4.7GHZ AM4 - RAM: Crucial DDR 2666MHz 32GB CL19 DRX4 ECC X4 = (128Gb) - Heatsink: Noctua NH-D15 SE-AM4 - PSU: Be Quiet! Dark Power PRO 11 1000W 80+ Platinum - GPU: 2x 2070 SUPER with NVLINK - SSD: 2X Gigabyte Aorus m.2 500gb NVMe PCIe 4.0x4 - BOX: Cooler Master Silencio S600 ATX I will appreciate any help you can give us guys! Thank you very much!
  9. Someone in the pipeline fucked up some points in the mesh. That was the main problem, it had the same point number but with different ptnum in some areas, i realized when i did the blendshape trick. Thanks man!
  10. Well, looks that i just needed to plug the timeshift from the animation haha. Nevermind, thanks for that. It's working in the sphere but it's not working in my character, sadly i can't share the character since it's a production stuff. But if the points are exactly the same, it should work no? Maybe is breaking because the deformation.... who knows. Thanks again!
  11. By the way, i tried with a point deform but i have some geo differences, the animation applies but the geo is a bit different.
  12. Hi wizards! Im struggling with a problem, that when i thought about it i thought it was really easy to solve, but nope! haha So, we did a character inhouse, sent to a guy (rigger/animator), he did his own rig, animated the character and sent us back an alembic ready to render. The issue: the animation is fine but there were a minor changes on the model. This guy went on holidays for a month, so we don't have his rig setup. Now, we took the model in the first frame, we moved some points in zbrush to match the feedback and took it back to houdini to check that all the point number and polycount are the same. The question: - Is there a way to take this new model (same point number, same polycount), transfer somehow the new point position and apply the animation from the wrong model to it? I made a dummie scene of situation, i would really appreciate if someone can help me with this! I will keep working on a solution but maybe u already faced this problem before! Thanks guys! alembic-replace.zip
  13. Building a beast Houdini + Redshift mainly

    Hi guys! After the new Ryzen 9 release, what do you think? The new 3900x is 12 cores and its like 500$ only! Im not a hardware guy, what are the limitations of this guy vs the 2950x? It is worthy to but it over the 2950x? Thanks!
  14. Building a beast Houdini + Redshift mainly

    Guys! My new plan update after all the feedback: TR 2950x 2x2080ti (I'll upgrade later to 4) Motherboard ???? (I need something capable to plug 4x2080ti with space for the Air flow, can you recommend me something?) 128gb RAM (can you guys recommend something compatible? I read that the TRare capped in max speed) Any huge box recommendation? Thanks!!
  15. Thoughts about this rig?

    Haha im building a similar rig right now, i also opened a post here and facebook group. Advises that people gave me from my post: 1. I've been told the same, take care with 4 gpu rigs, are a bit tricky to cool down. 2. Maybe wait for TR third generation (that maybe can't fit with u, since u are traveling next month) 3. Take care with Ram speed, seems that TR are capped at some point. And about cooling, i asked to a local bussiness and they told me to put a liquid cooling system for the full computer, but i dont know if will do the thing with 4 gpu, in my case was 4x2070.