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  1. Problem with procedural naming expresion

    Found a better way. Since the " c " string is never locked on character number, i needed something more procedural, so here it is: `substr($HIPNAME, (strlen($HIPNAME)-8) ,4)` This calculates the number of letters that HIPNAME has, substracts 8 ( v001_ddd = 8 characters) to set the starting point and then the 4 is the 4 characters of v001. I feel like a real hackerman now. Thanks for the motivation haha
  2. Problem with procedural naming expresion

    Yeah, im stupid, i just read again the documentation. Anyways, at the end looks that 21, 4 solves it Thanks! haha
  3. Hello! I am trying to isolate one part of my HIPNAME in order to make a "version folder" when rendering. So the hip name look like this: AAA_BBBBBB_cccccccc_v001_ddd i want to isolate the v001. I am trying this: `substr($HIPNAME, 20, 24)` and instead of giving me v001 it gives me v001_ddd I guess is something conflicting with the underscore. Any other way to isolate it? Thanks!
  4. Hi guys! I have a particle sim meshed as vdb that i would like to copy in every particle when it birth. I've seen people doing this with a copy stamp/timeshift method that feels really old and slow. Is there any newish method to copy and start the alembic/cached animation onto particles birth? Im attaching a file with just the sim and a copy to points, let's see if you have any tip to start the anim from frame 1 when the particle is emitted. Thanks! test01.hip
  5. Use a portion of $HIPNAME in ROP

    I am not a good coder and i am having a really hard time with this thing. I already had a bad time with python and I was trying to get a solution via the normal hscript. So, where am I now: 1. My $HIPNAME is this one: SEQ_SH0000_globalfx_v001_mac 2. I create a $RENDER global variable, non procedural, because this folder has to be on the same level of $HIP but I don't know how to set up procedurally haha 3. Following @StepbyStepVFX advice, i wrote this down: $RENDER/`substr($HIPNAME, 0, 11)`${OS}/`substr($HIPNAME, (abs(strlen($HIPNAME))-8), (abs(strlen($HIPNAME))-4))`/`substr($HIPNAME, 0, 11)`${OS}_`substr($HIPNAME, (abs(strlen($HIPNAME))-8), (abs(strlen($HIPNAME))-1))`.$F4.exr It should be giving me this naming: ..../render/SEQ_SH0000_object_task/v001/SEQ_SH0000_object_task_v001_mac.1001.exr but it is giving me this: ..../render/SEQ_SH0000_object_task/v001_mac/SEQ_SH0000_object_task_v001_mac.1001.exr So, I got it almost! I just have to get rid of that _mac that is not working as expected, is like the STRLEN is not detecting properly the character numbers for v001_mac , i can get rid of the v001 but i can't get rid of the _mac. `substr($HIPNAME, 24, 28)` gives me _mac `substr($HIPNAME, 20, 24)`gives me v001_mac instead of v001, that it doesn't make any sense. Thanks guys! I will get into that $HSITE thing, its the first time that i hear that! haha *attaching the hip SEQ_SH0000_globalfx_v001_mac.hiplc
  6. Hi guys! I was wondering if i could use a portion of the $HIPNAME (scene name) to name my renders. Example: SH001_mountain_v1.hip So, what I want, is my render file name look like this: SH001_mountain_$OS_v1_$F4.exr So, basically we are looking a way to extract the first 14 characters from the $HIPNAME aswell the last 2 characters (version number). I know it's posible with Python but i am trying to avoid it, since we tried and it gave us a lot of errors (we are not coders). Is this thing posible with Hscript or should i go deep into python? Thank you very much guys!
  7. It's a production thing, so i can't post it, i will recreate it and post! Thanks!
  8. Yeah! Worked like a charm with subdivide (don't know why it isnt working with the Divide sop tho). Thank you very much! Im trying to do the same thing with the edge noise without any good result, got the same issue! The noise done by a point vop is changing every frame. Sorry for being so annoying! hahah Thank you very much boss.
  9. Yeah, I tried that only freezes the frame, it kills the animation! I need to keep the new topology made by my noise at frame 1 and keep it along all the sim. I tried with time shifting on frame 1, doing a rest position and copying it in the simulation, but im not sure if the workflow works like that! haha Thanks tho! EDIT: The thing is, if it was my own simulation, i would do all the topology tricks on the static mesh and then simulate it. But in this case, the simulation is already made so I have to find a trick to change that mesh and keeping along all the simulation.
  10. Hi guys! Im struggling with a thing that i never thought before about it! haha I am importing a glass shattering simulation from a guy that works in 3dmax, he did the edges without any imperfection so im adding a noise on the cuts in houdini to get it more realistic. The thing is, in order to add some detail on the edges, i divided the surface using a DIVIDE sop and then adding the noise via a point vop, everything was working in the static frame, but I realized when I did a flipbook that the divide sop is acting in everyframe, so the topology of the edges changes in every frame. I don't have any clue how to freeze that topology that i get at frame 1 along the full animation. Any tip guys!? Thanks!!!
  11. Connect adjacent pieces maintain connections

    Come on man, it was a ".hip for dummies" file hahahah Excel·lent explanation!
  12. Connect adjacent pieces maintain connections

    Insane! You are a genius Alvaro! Flawless working! Thank you very much! You made this kid happy! haha
  13. Hi guys! I am having a problem on connecting adjacent pieces SOP. The thing is that i want to connect some animated points, that are growing from an emitter. The perfect scenario would be to get the connections from the last frame and interpolate back through all the simulation, so the connections will be stable along the whole sim. Do you have any technic to do it? PS: The point number is not the same along the sim, since its an emitter emitting particles, and i want to connect these particles. PS2: I found a guy in the forum saying that I should copy the P from 1 frame to the others, but no clue how to do that! Thank you very much guys! Attaching a hip! connect-issue.v1.hiplc problem.mp4
  14. Attribute over connected pieces sop

    Thanks Atom. I can't make it work in my setup, i just get random uvs around and cannot control the opacity on the strands. I feel so useless hahahaha
  15. Hi guys! I am trying to kind of recreate a very simple setup close to Plexus from after effects. I give you the reference: The thing is, I would love to have more control over the connected lines (opacity at the tips, etc) So i would love to "ramp" an atribute over every line, that would have a procedural control of whatever I want to do in these lines. I have been fighting with this issue with no good results. Anyone has something to enlight me? hahaha Thanks guys. ramp_atrib_over_lines.hiplc