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  1. Hi guys! I am having a problem on connecting adjacent pieces SOP. The thing is that i want to connect some animated points, that are growing from an emitter. The perfect scenario would be to get the connections from the last frame and interpolate back through all the simulation, so the connections will be stable along the whole sim. Do you have any technic to do it? PS: The point number is not the same along the sim, since its an emitter emitting particles, and i want to connect these particles. PS2: I found a guy in the forum saying that I should copy the P from 1 frame to the others, but no clue how to do that! Thank you very much guys! Attaching a hip! connect-issue.v1.hiplc problem.mp4
  2. Connect adjacent pieces maintain connections

    Come on man, it was a ".hip for dummies" file hahahah Excel·lent explanation!
  3. Connect adjacent pieces maintain connections

    Insane! You are a genius Alvaro! Flawless working! Thank you very much! You made this kid happy! haha
  4. Attribute over connected pieces sop

    Thanks Atom. I can't make it work in my setup, i just get random uvs around and cannot control the opacity on the strands. I feel so useless hahahaha
  5. Hi guys! I am trying to kind of recreate a very simple setup close to Plexus from after effects. I give you the reference: The thing is, I would love to have more control over the connected lines (opacity at the tips, etc) So i would love to "ramp" an atribute over every line, that would have a procedural control of whatever I want to do in these lines. I have been fighting with this issue with no good results. Anyone has something to enlight me? hahaha Thanks guys. ramp_atrib_over_lines.hiplc
  6. popnet, getting number of points for sourcing

    Here you are! Make your geo. Scatter some points. make a popnet set it to all points. set the frame you want to emit, only for 1 frame ($$FF==1) for example. You have instructions inside the hip anyways. Have fun! popnet_sourcingPoints.hiplc
  7. creation of dust at the impact of the steps

    Hello Lampay! Attaching a hip, you should play with the Transfer attribute under Emitter and also with the dynamics into the Pyro sim, because for testing purposes, I just used the shelf tab for billowy smoke haha. Have fun messing around the hip! dust_Step_odforce.hiplc
  8. Creating Uvs for viscous flip sim

    This should do the thing! 1:16:30 - Dual solver explanation (about 10min, from 16 to 26ish)
  9. How could I make this dynamic ?

    Really good solution yonglegend. If u want to push it a bit further, how could u control the mass of the sphere? I mean, now is moving like a really light one, what if its a concrete or iron ball? Cheers and thanks!
  10. Hello! I scattered some points, gave them random Cd, copied Spheres on points and made a Redshift Mesh light. Now I wan't the mesh light to inherit the Cd from points into the light color. So i will have a lot of diferent color lights. Is it posible to do this? I have been messing around without any good result, i have even tried the color from texture but nothing. I am working in Houdini 16.5.378 + Redshift 2.5.65 Thanks guys!
  11. Redshift - Mesh Light Inherit Cd

    Aha, i was wondering why my mesh light wasnt inheriting the color using your previous example, so we have to hack and fake like usual hahahah Thank you guys, i'll give a try.
  12. Redshift Render error

    Could u attach the hip file? ty
  13. Syntheyes to Houdini scene scale issues

    Never tried the workflow before, but we are going to start using houd/synth in the studio, so im interested in this. Sorry if i cant help yet, never opened syntheyes before. So..up!
  14. Ice growth effects

    Just took ben watts clean file and did some fast geo for testing. Play with Solver_Controls max distance and max points for speed control, or just go inside and tweak the vex. Hope it helps. bwd_H16_editedIceSpikes.hiplc
  15. Ice growth effects

    He has a very clean new setup for houdini 16, easier and faster, you should give a try. File aside, i would just model/sculpt the ice spikes and apply the same system starting the grow from the bottom of the spikes, and make the growing system to go faster, so u will have two systems, one for the wall itself and one for the spikes, just time them properly and here u go.
  16. Solved by Peter Sanitra @ Redshift Render community facebook group. Uploading the updated hip file. So: 1. you have to compute the velocity of points before the boolean, then use a atribute transfer to transfer the velocity from that preboolean to the new boolean geo. 2. go to redshift per object parameters (OBJ level) - Settings - Render and activate Deformation Blur From Velocity Attribute , so you force redshift to compute the motion from your velocity atribute from points. Done! I hope my full morning investigation will be usefull for you guys! Keep growing! mberror_solved.hiplc
  17. Motion Blur changing topology issue. Hi guys! I am having an issue with Houdini + Redshift. I have a geometry moving and im using a boolean to desintegrate it art directed. The thing is, since im using a boolean, there is a lot of point changing on the mesh so redshift is not able to compute the motion blur because the changing topology, i have this message when i hover the redshift render rop: Any tip on how to solve motion blur on changing topologies? I already have a trail sop to compute velocity on my node tree. Got the latest houdini indie and redshift. HIP attached. Thanks!! mberror.hiplc
  18. Hello! Im getting crazy on a very easy (i guess) problem. I have some scattered points with a random pscale (done with an Attribute randomize node) between 0.3 and 3. Now, my problem: I want these points to grow their pscale to their maxium in the first 10 frames, i mean, They all start on 0 and the grow until they get their maxium value given, so they will finish at frame 10 between 0.3 and 3. I know how to make them grow but with the same pscale. I know how to give them a random fixed pscale. But I don't know how to mix both systems! hahah Any tip? Thaaaaaaaaanks!
  19. Whaaat.... I should start learning VEX hahah I was cracking my head up with Point Vops. That's exactly what I wanted!! Thank you very much!
  20. Actually, i just need a random fit clamp, isnt it?
  21. Effervescent tablet effect

    I did a quick hip for u. Be sure, when you use the popadvectbyvolumes, to change the velocity source to DOP, write down the name of the smoke object (in this case, pyro ), change the advection to Update Velocity and here u go. effervescence_tablet.hiplc
  22. Effervescent tablet effect

    I would do a smoke simulation using the tablet as emitter and then, i would advent particles from volume using the tablet as emitter aswell, u will get those nice swirls and stuff from the smoke simulation, and will work flawless, easy and straight forward. Just tell me if u need any help, i'll be around all the day.
  23. Water Dress

    Sorry, the project was cancelled and didn't develop the idea. Could someone delete this post? Thank you very much!
  24. Water Dress

    Hello magicians! I am a damned low-mid level houdini user who is facing one of the hardest challenges in his vfx carrer. I have to recreate a dress made with water with the most similarity to this dress (video): http://gph.is/2oMVeZ4 So, it has to have a similar shape (with that long tail), it has to be made of water (not only the shader, it has to be like flowing water with splashes making kind of that dress shapes). The question is, do you know where or how to start? I am thinking about doing some kind of cloth simulation first, compute the velocity of the cloth points and do like 2 layers for the effect. 1. The flow, going from top points to the bottom, i guess it could work with a particle flow effect (I don't know yet!, because particle flow sticks so much to the surface and i'll need them to splash aswell) 2. The tail part, with a lot of turbulence (pop force maybe) to replicate that curly shapes. Is there a way to make a very simple fur and make it advect the particles to replicate the shape? or is it a bad idea? I am missing a lot of tools and nodes in houdini, maybe there's one magic buton to approach this hahaha Thank you again guys, u are the best, I'll keep you informed about the process! WhatsApp Video 2018-03-04 at 11.13.16.mp4
  25. NAS

    In the latest studio I was working, they were using Synology Disk Station DS416Play , with 4 x 6TB HDD. It was a pain to work from the NAS when 3 of us were using it, dunno if it was a wrong setup or just it's bad as it is. But hey! It's super comfy to not be dealing with external hard drives, I think it has to be awesome if is it only for u! Good luck!