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  1. Three weeks after my order (I am in Turkey) I got the Magic of Houdini from amazon. And I just wanted to say that the book is as amasing as Houdini. I am glad that from now on I will not be fighting with deficiencies of Maya. Long live Houdini for the sake of creative freedom. (Sorry, I mean, procedural creative freedom. )
  2. Houdini On Low-cost Graphic Card

    Yes modding to a firegl would do the job. But I don't think the 9250 s have a fireGL equevalent. The entry level firegl as far as I know is T2, and it is the equavalent of 9600. However even if there is no firegl equavalent of your card you can still mod it to use the pro features of firegl. For the latest fireGL drivers use this script. http://forums.guru3d.com/showthread.php?t=196491 (the scond script if your card doesn't have a firegl counterpart) You just need rivatuner. After downloading the latest firegl drivers and installed rivatuner, copy the above script to a text file. Save it with *.rts extension. Double click it select the *.sys file it is asking for from the directory where you have previously extracted the firegl driver files. Patch it. Then go to device manager update the display drivers choose the inf file from the very same directory. Choose a firegl card from the list (close to your card. T2 may be) install it. After restart install the control panel from that directory. Then choose Houdini from the application profile list of firegl control panel. Best regards
  3. Dops Slow?

    Thanks for the reply SYmek. I think as you said Houdini default settings are a bit high. And I made the comparament in terms of the defaults. About the interface. I think the houdini interface is not slower than other apps. There are slow part for example if there is a floating panel the interface may get real slow. Its use of overlay planes have some limitations about this I think. But generally its interface seemed really fast to me. ( with a fireGL T2 ) In maya working with hypershade for example is a pain. But Houdini shader related interfaces are as fast as other parts of Houdini.
  4. Dops Slow?

    Is it because I am new to houdini thus doesn't know the tricks yet or is the houdini dynamics system really slow? (Comparing to maya).
  5. Odforce Database Down Message

    I don't think it is a guilt. I always hated the stupid posts which wastes a lot of people's time in any forum. So I will post if there is a reason. I mean if I have a question or if I have an answer to some one else's question. Up to now I had a lot of questions of course but I found the answers from other posts. And since I am new to houdini (from maya ) I don't have any answers to any questions asked. Thanks Best regards
  6. Hi, I had a message about odforce being hacked. The message also stating that to clean up the database users with 0 posts will be deleted. And I am pretty new at odforce with 0 posts. I am currently a reader only user because as I said I am new. And since I didn't want to be deleted from odforce database I sent this message to become a 1 post user. Sorry if it bothers anyone. See you in my future real posts.