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  1. VEX function clarification

    vector foo = point(0, "N", 19) // if you need it as a variable v@foo= point(0, "N", 19) // if you need it as an attribute
  2. pluralize vex

  3. hi Sourabh, what exactly didnt you understand? what exactly do you want to do? that maybe helps to understand what you are after. EDIT: maybe also read about other functions like vertexhedge or hedge_prim, they are very well described and documented. hope this helps fuat
  4. http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/vex/halfedges
  5. Smoke Solver | Tips and Tricks

    great. thank you very much
  6. Parenting at geometry level

    there is. see attached file. the "optransform" vex function returns a 4x4 global matrix of an object. then you just multiply your pointposiiton with that 4x4. hope this helps? Fuat SOPParent.hip
  7. https://www.amazon.de/Math-Primer-Graphics-Game-Development/dp/1568817231
  8. this is why i love this forum.
  9. yes, exactly like Thomas is saying. i forgot that (brain is in sleep mode, too late already) thanks Thomas.
  10. you can also do it with vdbs only wothout using volume source. in SOPs, do vdbfrompoly and use surafec as collision. plus create another attrib (in vdbfrompoly) set to "Tuple/Vel/Acceleration" and use point.v as collisionvel. done. bring this into DOPs with fluid source DOP. set it to "Collision". when you now check your SOPtoDOP bindings tab, you will see that it need one "collision" field and one "collisionvel" field. good luck! fuat
  11. ocean spectrum questions

    just a thought: - with a grid of 10x10, set ocean spectrums "resolution exponent" to something like 10 or 11. - on you ocean evaluate, set downsampling to a higher value like 3 or 4 - if waves too fast, lower ocean spectrums "timescale" this should help i think.
  12. i think the sopguide-dop could help? another idea may be to convert you geo to a scalar (density) field and use the scalarfieldvisualization in DOPs. only a guess though, not sure in your case.
  13. did that a few years ago. very simple smoke sim, only have to crank up turbulence and shredding. hit render. done hope this helps Fuat