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  1. Hi, Illumination MacGuff in Paris(Despicable me,The minions ,The lorax,Secret Life of Pets) is looking for Houdini TD's (Junior to Senior) for our FX department. If you're interested please read the position overview or apply here : http://www.illuminationmacguff.com/careers-vfx-artists.php or contact myself for infos. Work permit in Europe pre-required. We thank all applicants for their interest. Thanks Milo'
  2. Sum][one Is Moving....

  3. Sum][one Is Moving....

    Good luck Doc !
  4. Wiimote

    Funny....this post is mine not sum][one...i wrote reply from my pc logged whit my account but it's appear like a sum][one reply???? Lol ....
  5. Ramp For Sprite Scale

    thanks a lot. the ramp cop was the right way for me.
  6. Ramp For Sprite Scale

    thanks for the reply but what i din't realize is how to use a ramp from a color pop in hda. I can drag parameters like Hue,Sat,Alpha and lookup but i can't drag the ramp handles. I need the handles because im trying to control scale and opacity via alpha ramp. maybe it's the wrong method to use i'm really new to houdini
  7. Ramp For Sprite Scale

    Hi i'm really new to houdini ... i'm trying to control sprite scale and alpha using $CA passed through a ramp in a color pop. but when i try to create an hda i didn't realize how to insert the ramp in the parameters in the type properties to have some control on it. It is possible to do that ? thanks ps:sorry for my poor english