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  1. FIELD is hiring a Visual Artist / Motion Designer on mid-weight to senior level to join our team on a full-time contract. We’re looking for: A strong aesthetic and direction experience + a versatile and flexible team player. To work across all ongoing projects with us: from digital audiovisual experiences to dynamic identities, from sculptural art installations to large media walls. SKILLS + INTERESTS Solid experience in 3D motion design and graphic design is a must. Hands-on generalist animation skills in Cinema4D or SideFX Houdini are the core part of this role. We are looking for a strong visual person with a technical understanding, who shares our interest in: abstract and painterly aesthetics procedural modelling simulation-based animation techniques generative design Crossover experience with computational design, scripting, interaction design or web technologies would be a plus. We are looking for someone who is keen to grow into the team with a long-term perspective, with an open mind, will to learn, and good communication skills. You’ll be working independently as well as in small groups, on the whole process from ideas and concept development through to production. Starting as soon as possible. Salary based on experience. To apply please send a CV, samples of your work, and a few lines about yourself to work@field.io.