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  1. Complex Bool wall breaking

    Mmm the file you shared might be an earlier version, as the clean node gets rid of the "base", "base2" and "deleteOuter" groups, thus clashing with the next nodes, which use those groups. I grouped them in a quick & dirty way. In turquoise, the nodes that I either made or touched something within. I think it comes down to the facade being extruded too small a distance. Increasing it from .03 to .3 delivers good results, I think. Also, I extruded a bit more the whole thing on top of that to achieve cleaner geometry; there is a version preserving the window frames, but note that this isn't a very procedural approach, as it requires you to carefully select what to extrude and what not, and the one eating away the window frames suffers somehow due to two edges being inset when extruding, which requires dealing with those specific edges with a fuse node. There probably is a cleaner way of getting rid of those. Lastly, I included a VDB version, just in case you'd like to try something different. This should deal with anything you throw at it, however the geometry will be dirtier and it is a much more expensive method. bool_problem_luis.hiplc
  2. Under Edit->Preferences->3D Viewports you have a few options for the tumbling style. I'm afraid that there is nothing regarding mouse sensitivity (to the best of my knowledge), but perhaps you could do that outside Houdini? I know that my mouse, a crappy one with some extra buttons, came with software that allows to define its behavior depending on the context. And you should definitely aim to work in real wold scale. Houdini may do funny stuff otherwise.