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  1. How to Simulate Helicopter Field

    As a project, forgive me for not being able to share this file.
  2. How to Simulate Helicopter Field

    The method is simple,Forgive me for a long time did not come.
  3. How to Simulate Helicopter Field

    thank you for your reply. You're right. I tried drawing the curve simulation,Very useful. I am currently trying to make a dynamic field. Thank you for your information.
  4. How to Simulate Helicopter Field

    Thank you for your reply I saw your example,The field of the fluid was also tested. But my effect is poor.It is difficult to keep the force field in balance It is difficult to get details. I am currently studying the effect of raindrop ripples. Using a simple velocity field seems difficult to control. I do not know what to do
  5. Thanks for the answer I finally adopted the arnold ass agent program. Just be able to render just fine
  6. hello,How to simulate this force in the fluid... I tried a lot of ways hard to control The following is a reference picture Anybody know the way please help me thank you.
  7. hi,secondary broken geometry through the abc to maya no uv. Many days can not find the reason. please help me. The first broken,normal. The second break.not uv. Fbx will appear triangles. The obj sequence has no path information. Abc is not very stable. What should i do?
  8. thanks for your answer. see attachment,please. rot_v004_apg.hipnc
  9. Thanks for the answer. I succeeded in calculating the angle,But the rotation center point of this angle is in world coordinates(0,0,0),It is not understand.
  10. Thank you for your answer. I get the angle just to rotate the model,How can I use the resulting quaternion to rotate my model?
  11. hello,How do I connect using vop? thanks,please help me.
  12. thank you very much Can only be deleted and then added Unfortunately there is no move function.
  13. hello,I would like to use python to move a parameter to a folder. What functions do I need to use? please help me,thanks.