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  1. FLIP smorganic/sheeter effect?

    @Pazuzu Hi friend! If possible, I would ask a few questions about your system. I am trying to repeat your path and so far I have a dead end, if you can tell me please! How do you control the number of bubbles, this is some kind of additional force or a mask for the main compression force and you can tell a little about how you think the free surface, I have already made 3 setup options, but I don’t know how correct, maybe you would direct in the right direction). And how do you keep the mesh of particles smooth, are they forces or filling holes with particles? Thanks for the answer! Here are my tests so far! https://yadi.sk/i/w6Sdak91wFVkJA https://yadi.sk/i/-dTnkXfHOC_oCA
  2. VDB Analysis (Laplacian, Divergence)

    Thanks for the answer, it's cool! I managed to figure out some things myself, but still the use of pressure is not completely clear). thanks for the answer My little test) pyroclastic_016.[0001-0158].mp4
  3. VDB Analysis (Laplacian, Divergence)

    Thank you, but I also want to hear the master)
  4. VDB Analysis (Laplacian, Divergence)

    Hello! I want to ask you if you can find out a little more about your model of implicit buoyancy, what principle does the temperature affect the pressure, if the pressure field cannot be changed, I tried to follow your steps, but the pressure field is always unstable in its values. How do you get the direction of buoyancy? is it a tricky gradient or just an upward vector multiplied by some values. I tried to repeat the result, but I feel that I lack knowledge and somewhere there is a gap gyazo.com/b7e8f63499982ce9b25baf5b3704bf8d gyazo.com/2a4e7e5de03e4333d02ead96505a58d7 Here are my feeble attempts to do it. Thanks for the answer!
  5. VDB Analysis (Laplacian, Divergence)

    Thank you Alejandro!
  6. VDB Analysis (Laplacian, Divergence)

    And here is another question, do you use any masks or restrictions for your pyroclastic?
  7. VDB Analysis (Laplacian, Divergence)

    Thank! It turns out that I do so, but it was curious how this can be done inside the dop thank
  8. VDB Analysis (Laplacian, Divergence)

    Can you please tell us how you turn the density field into sdf, the nodes that do this are not in dop
  9. Hello, I am trying create axis system for particles, but does not work, help me please decide this problem. In the file example file system Vk.hip