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  1. Hi guys, trying to find a solution to render houdini flip sim in Maya Renderman, i exported a rib sequence from H, but not sure that i exported all the attributes (something to promote?) the rendering department here, doesn’t see the v att and Cd att in my rib sequence. my maya knowledge is close to nothing and i can' t check what s wrong with my export my first question is : could you explain me, guys, how to export from Houdini, a ready to render Rib sequence for mayaRenderman v21? second question is : is there tricks to read H attributes in maya?, connect it to shaders?, and also get correct velocity motion blur(since it's changing topology classic moblur doesn't work) thx by advance for your attention
  2. Hi everyone! trying to figure out how to adding tetra during FEM sim, i got a FEM/SOP solvers plugged into multiple solver, no prob to delete tets, but can't add to the sim... the doc says " You can change attributes and even topology (adding and removing tetrahedrons) of the object’s Geometry data using a SOP solver. The Finite element solver can cope with the simulated geometry changing between steps. " here is a basic file, if somebody can help me it would be great!! thanks by advance Best FEM_ADD_TETS.hip
  3. FEM adding some tetras during sim

    cmon' guys!!! FEM is the futur! i'm sure there are some FEM gurus here!!!
  4. Hi everyone, I made this setup to mix constraints between conetwist and glue, depending on angle value, i set the constraint_name in a sop solver plugged in the constraint network node, it works quite well but the resulting object is floating in the space... is anobody here can check my file and tell me what's going on!!!? apparently its not a subsanple or CFM, ERP issue ( i checked all this parameters and, nothing...) thx by advance, Best regards H TEST_PACKED_CONST_METAL_V002.hip
  5. bullet custom deformable metal constraint

    hey everybody, I found a solution for the floating bug occuring in my setup! seems that if i substep the bullet solver by 1 and substep the dopnet to 10 it's ok! don't understand exactly what's going on...anybody? TEST_PACKED_CONST_METAL_V002_FIXED.hip
  6. Hi everyone, trying to figure out how to randomise the number of iterations of a pc open in a vop node, based on a per point random the goal is to make variation in the speed of the propagation. I join a simple file, if somebody can help me it would be really apreciated Thx by advance Cheers basic-propa.hip
  7. Pcopen randomise interation by point

    c'mon guys, let me see your skills!!!!!!
  8. Pcopen randomise interation by point

    ok guys, thank you for quick answers! what i need is a drastic speed variation to mimic cristal animation. I need a 20x speed factor between slow and speed "branchs" examples you provided are based on the same setup, pcopen iterated over time...what i need is some of points iterate 20 times during a solverstep when other iterate 1 time. I think the way to go is a pcopen setup inside a for loop or for loop until where the length of the loop is the random attribute fitted between 1 and 20 i tested it but it dosen't work , the pcopen seems to always check the same points in the loop and not progress over the point cloud... I hope you understood what i mean ! thanks again to take time for me! Cheers
  9. Pcopen randomise interation by point

    Hi Pazuzu! don't really understand what you mean...sorry... can you give me an example? implement your idea in my hip file thx by advance! Cheers!
  10. Pcopen randomise interation by point

    thx for your reply ThomasPara! but with that kind of noisy radius solution there is not a big difference in speed between slow an fast points until it's totaly blurred out... I thing the iteration approach is really the way to go but really technical/ sophiscated... Thx again!
  11. Pcopen randomise interation by point

    seems that pcunshaded and pcexport are the way to go... but it's totally unclear for me until thre's no sample scene in the help card, and this help apear to be a bit outdated... anyone???
  12. bullet custom deformable metal constraint

    thx! it's a good idea, ill keep you in touch! cheers
  13. bullet custom deformable metal constraint

    Hi vtrvtr, I don't think it's a padding collision or density issue, I set it like you said and i can notice the same floating behaviour of the pad be carrefull between frame 80 and 150 it is obvious that the pad is floating it is damped because the box is on top of it, but still floating... I think it is more a constraint solver issue than a bullet setings prob Thx
  14. bullet custom deformable metal constraint

    Hi vtrvtr! thx for your answer, but when i mean floating, I don't want to attach the metal patch to something, it's free and flying away after the collision with the box and i'm ok with that, the problem is that the pad dosen't stop at all, and floating slowly in space longtime after the dynamic occur.like the gravity dosen't affect it... this is an artefact and i don't understand what's appen!!! play the sim 200 frames and see what's appen
  15. bullet custom deformable metal constraint

    Hi guys! thanks for responding, @birko don't understand what you want to show in your scene...it's just a basic scene with glue!!! I try to develop something to switch between conetwist and glue on a per-point basis, to mimic plasticity behaviour with bullet. @violalyu, not sure to really understand what you are talking about, can you upload an example scene? btw thx to you both to take time to help me!!! cheers
  16. bullet custom deformable metal constraint

    thx Birko, but the pad is still floating..
  17. bullet custom deformable metal constraint

    nobody? really? c'mon guys!!!!!!!!! need your help!
  18. bullet custom deformable metal constraint

    yep, the metal pad is floating, and i want it to stay in place!
  19. Hi everyone! can't figure out why my cone twist constraint collpase at frame 2..., apparently this constraint dosen't care about restlength like other constraints... i tried all constraints, everything is just fine exept with this one, and cone-twist is exactly what i need.... I join a simple file based on a SideFX sample scene turned into what i need... thanks by advance Cheers! Twist-Const-Restlength.hip
  20. cone twist constraint relationship

    Hello vtrvtr, thx for your quick answer it works!!! cheers!
  21. Hi everyone, search all the forums and can't find a way to glue constraint a voronoi fractured object to multiple animated objects .It works really fine on one object, but no way to make it stick on two or more objects Some tests with hardconrel work, but a lot of wobbling, and also, i need the simplicity of the glue constraint(i want to use the strength factor) I join my test file, if somebody can help me, it would be really appreciated! thx by advance, and excuse my bad english, I'm french... cheers PackedConstToMultiAnmObj.hip
  22. thanks everybody for your advices! thx rich_lord and cwhite, tried the different constraint type and yes it works definitly well with the hard constraint need to change the constraint_type attribute from all to position, but it s ok rgblues , I digged your hip and that's exaclty what i'm trying to do thx a lot for sharing!!!
  23. retarget or recompute vector

    Hi everyone, I try to figure out how to retarget a vector (v in that case) in particle trails. I explain: i got master particles who trail other particles in space, i inherit the master "v" to achieve a motion blur at render time, to avoid to much substep that way i got smooth line at low calculation cost. but i need to slightly noise the trails to achieve a "moving tentacles" look. Here is the problem when i apply the noise, obviously my "fake" v vector is not aligned anymore, it's stepped... i tried to recompute the vector with the help of id, but since my emission is not constant ( i shot on frame 5, frame10, frame15 etc..)the incrementation of the id in not constant to...I tried basic vector arithmetic, but i don't get results i need...I join a hip file, does anyone got an idea??? thanks by advance. Best H PS:excuse my english, I'm French... RecomputVelTest.hip
  24. Pyro Smoke Artifacts

    Pyro_Solver/advanced/advection-tab/advection and vel advection/ blend>0 to avoid those artifacts...