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  1. same question as Milan - how can we see UDIM textures in viewport?
  2. Transform packed fragments at render time

    Have the same question, interested to know if you ever found a solution? We've tried the seperate file per piece approach and it proved easier to manage and give you small ifds, but mantra start up times & input/output seemed to be a bottleneck.
  3. Hello, I'm advecting colour in a pyro sim. Without OpenCL this works as expected, using OpenCL the Cd.z is being ignored in gas advect field node. Is there something I'm missing? Hip attached below openclVector.hip
  4. File SOP Lock Flag vs Stash SOP

    It works the same with a couple extras http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/nodes/sop/stash.html
  5. I'd like to ignore certain start up scripts (123, 456.py) on running hython. Currently users send their HIP files to the farm, containing custom OTLs that they have setup in their user_pref_dir env file. To allow their scene on the farm, I append all HOUDINI_PATH variables from the submitted hip file into the farm variables that call hython (we are using deadline). The problem is as HOUDINI_PATH will expand to multiple directories such as \@/scripts/python, Hython will pick up startup python files found in all the HOUDINI_PATH directories (123, 456.py) and run these on the farm which we want to avoid. Is there a way to exclude these startup files?
  6. I don't believe its possible since you only get the tooltip when hovering over the Label. You have the label of each menu item but you can only fit a couple words in there. For a longer description you could do: Create multiple label parameters for each menu item, each label having a different 'Hide When' expression corresponding to the current menu item. Single label parameter with python expression to switch between strings based on current menu item.
  7. Cool I haven't seen that before, thanks for the example As for where I was going wrong, Matthew mentioned that he recreates the polygon from scratch to have control over the vertex order
  8. Hey all, Saw this interesting tool on deleting geometry smoothly based on normals, had a go recreating it (hip below). My understanding of it is to interpolate along triangle edges based on the point normals and create new geometry precisely where dot(normal, delete_direction) < delete_angle Geometry positions are correct, but recreating the primitive in the correct order is difficult. On some primitives (ones with only 1 point removed) the winding order becomes CCW and therefore the face normal inverted. deleteByNormalsSmooth_v05.hip helpful article: http://geomalgorithms.com/a06-_intersect-2.html If anyone has a clue on how to approach this, or any resources for similar topology problems I would love to know. Cheers!
  9. Can't help much without seeing your code / hip
  10. I haven't seen a function for this inside HOM but there is in hscript, which you can call from python. http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/commands/viewerstow.html This should work: import toolutils def viewName(viewer): ''' Returns the Scene viewer name in a hscript compatible format ''' name = { 'desktop' : viewer.pane().desktop(), 'pane' : viewer.name(), 'type' :'world', 'viewport': viewer.curViewport().name() } # special case for floating windows - they don't belong to desktops if name['desktop']==None: name['desktop'] = '*' else: name['desktop'] = name['desktop'].name() return '{desktop}.{pane}.{type}'.format(**name) viewer = toolutils.sceneViewer() hscriptViewer = viewName(viewer) cmd = "viewerstow -t open -b open -l open -x open -m open -c open -d open %s" % hscriptViewer hou.hscript(cmd)
  11. Q for project

    Use Ray SOP Grid in first input, triangle in second input Direction set to vector (0, -1, 0)
  12. Sorry I don't follow what you're suggesting but I don't think it would be that. I'm looking for an automated way to promote a node's parameters to another. Currently the only way I know how to do this successfully for ramp parameters (or any multi-parm parameter) is through the UI with these steps: - select a given parameter to promote from a node's parameter dialog window - drag selected parameter into a different node's parameter interface window - the different node will now have a copy of the selected parameter, with channel references to the original parameter that will update when you add new control points to the ramp. I would like to achieve the same with a script. Currently for other parameters I can setup a channel reference simply by doing hou.parm.set( [hou.parm object of parameter I want to link to] ) but this fails for ramp parameters.
  13. Scaling Cached Volumes

    When you scale a volume you must invert the scale on the density (only on volumes named density from what I remember) E.g Transform SOP uniform scale 10 Volume wrangle: f@density *= 0.1; If its still not looking as good it as before, if you have lights in the scene their scales would need to be adjusted too
  14. You can do this with the rivet node. It will require some way to work out the coordinate system of your cart, you'll need 2 axis' stored as a point attribute on the geometry Rivet will access. Here's a simple scene setup: parent_transform.hip
  15. Hello, Is it possible to promote a ramp parameter (retaining channel links) via python (or even hscript)?