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  1. The translation looks like this

    Hope it helps**))

    This is connector for Windows and 32-bit version of Houdini. If you want to make it to work everywhere, you need to compile python module(Wich is located http://www.xn--d1abb4ane.com/blog/wp-conte...04/newpython.c). In order to make light to became a sun you need to create a param vr_lighttype and to assign to it vr_sun. You'l need to edit file run_vray.py. Also most probable you'l need to edit param soho_pipecmd in your ROP. This connector is in testing phase so you couldn't relay on it as on a finished connector, Connector is for looking throw the sources, by the way its very slow, I 'l rewrite geometry generator.Recently coming are Vray materials to work in VEX Builder. Here it comes (http://www.xn--d1abb4ane.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2008/06/vraytestconnector-08-06-19.zip).

    Thank you for visiting