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  1. Pass solid color from map into instanced objects

    Yes, it works perfect. Even more open new possiblities Thanks for solving this! Regards Adam
  2. Pass solid color from map into instanced objects

    Thanks for quick replay. I think your setup works fine so far. Thanks for it. All I wanted is to pass the color information onto my instanced object but I dont want any color variation on my object just constant color. When You look closer on my attached image from post 1 you'll see that some of the spheres got "gradient" solor. I want to get rid of that. I want them to inherit just single/constant color. Sorry for my awkward explanation Thanks Adam
  3. Hi, Im looking for clever method to pass color from one object onto instanced objects. But, I want to pass only solid color... My friend gave an idea to use foreach. Works perfect for simple boxes but it takes eons of time when I change my instaced "spheres" into real complex model. Anyone got idea how to pass or convert that color data? Regards Adam solid_color_from_map.hipnc.hip