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  1. Random link of interest

    looks like I found SideFX offices in "Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020"
  2. Angular acceleration to "orient"

    I have a set of points that contain "linear" and "angular" acceleration data of a moving object. Point 0 - 1 frame Point 1 - 2 frame . . . Point 240 - 240 frame It is easy to restore the motion path using linear acceleration. (Area CHOP) Please help me figure out how to calculate object rotation angles or orientation using "angular acceleration" or "angular velocity". I'm totally stuck with matrices and quaternions so a math explanation of this process would be great! Here the test hip to play with. RecoverTest.hipnc
  3. Continue simulation from a certain frame

    1. Setup Dop Network "Cache" 2. Export few frames. (1-100 for example) 3. Close Houdini. 4. Load scene again. 5. Jump to the last simulated frame (Do not drag.....just enter the number) and continue exporting (frames 101-240)
  4. houdini camera to aftereffects

    Downloaded...tested...works as expected. The only reason why this might happen is when you accidentally do not select camera. In this case script will create default camera named "Camera1" without animation. Not animated objects will have the keys because the script assumes that the object may be animated using expressions or parenting. Maybe this is some kind of "Houdini Indie" restriction...have no idea:(
  5. houdini camera to aftereffects

    Here slightly changed version.... it uses "orientation" channel in AE to fix motion blur "problem" when value crosses 360 degree HouToAE.zip
  6. Houdini 13 Wishlist

    At least for now You can: RMB click on any shelf.... push "New Tool" name it "HouToAE" jump to script section paste content of attached file click "Accept" Select camera, lights, nulls etc push "HouToAE" button on the shelf press enter HouToAE.txt
  7. houdini camera to aftereffects

    here few pictures how i do it... can You describe how You do it? can You post simple scene which cause this errors? The file from an example causes errors too? You opened this script in the text editor for editing? Because python is very critical to formatting The superfluous "space" or "new line" in a wrong place can lead to an errors like: >>>Indentationerror: unexpected indent
  8. houdini camera to aftereffects

    i have tried it under windows7 x64 h10.625 it works ok
  9. is that what You want? veldif.zip
  10. Mantra vs Modo Renderer

    whisky VS tea
  11. first point of the primitive

    Fastest way to find first point of each primitive: Add "primitive SOP" Switch to Attribute tab Add Alpha Replace $CA with $PT After doing this primitive`s alpha attribute will contain first point number.
  12. random texture assignment

    Not sure if it is possible without scripting... I have had the same problem few month ago I wrote "ShowAmAll" especially for this kind of tasks...
  13. random texture assignment

    Turn on "Use Template Point Attribute" (Copy Sop -> Attribute Tab ) Put this string: shop_materialpath material_override to "To Primitive" field
  14. random texture assignment

    "Local Overrides" from "Material Sop" may help Assign material... Add "Local Override"... Select any parameter (texture name in your case)... Replace texture name with an expression
  15. random texture assignment

    Try this sop: http://www.sidefx.com/exchange/info.php?fi...p;versionid=590