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  1. Particles align to create image

    Hey guys, Any ideas of this effect Imagine if I dropped a bunch of different coloured particles on the ground and once they settled, they formed an image. I've seen it done before but I couldn't find an example. Sorry for my terrible explanation. Any ideas? Thanks!
  2. Age with solver

    Hi guys, https://gyazo.com/6f0d777b1d67ca0ee1a454be01f34855 Above is a gif showing a Cd transfer from a sphere(red) to a grid(black) using a solver. Is there a way I can create an age attribute for these particles when they turn red. Then after a couple of frames they would revert back to the colour black. Any ideas would be great, thanks! ageTest.hip
  3. Varied Attribute After Each Render

    Cheers, exactly that!
  4. Hi guys, I'm testing different lighting intensities with a simple scene. Usually I would click render, wait for the render to finish, then change the intensity and click render again. I want be able to click render once and Houdini will render a certain frame and once finished, it will automatically change the light intensity attribute and render again. This way I can have multiple renders of the same frame with different lighting conditions for lookdev purposes. Solution = Wedge Node Thanks
  5. Delete part of Volume Cache

    Hi guys, Any ideas on how to delete part of a volume cache using some soft of a bbox? Image below. Using the box to delete that part of the cached volume. Thanks
  6. Hard Constraint Exloding

    Cheers for clearing that up
  7. Exploding* Hi guys, Simple silly question, but I'm just wondering what I'm doing wrong. My hard constraints explode my with my geo. Thanks Example file below hardConExample.hip
  8. Having an issue with a gap in my Popcurveforce node. Using a basic nurbs curve Circle. Sliced Arc seems to give me the best result but I'm still left with a little gap in the Influence Radius. Any ideas why? Thanks guys
  9. Houdini 14/15 Volume Scatter

    Solutions Point Jitter does have some use but does have its limitations Best results is simply with an IsoOffset and using the Position (P) as the Density Attribute. Might have rushed a but too much with this question, sorry guys
  10. Hi Houdini 14/15 scatter node is slightly different to 13. I understand there was a thread about this talking about the Attribute Bias option but what if you're scattering points within your geo/volume and not on the surface. https://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com_forum&Itemid=172&page=viewtopic&t=37345&highlight=&sid=7851375fa44ef5f63c8fa9aa751b4cfe It used to be you IsoOffset and the Scatter node would pick up on it. Any ideas? EDIT: Point Jitter does have some use but does have its limitations
  11. Cd Attribute Transfer Query

    Thanks Atom, great idea Would you use the same method if you created the tube in Houdini?
  12. Cd Attribute Transfer Query

    Hi How could I transfer a Cd attribute along an OBJ such as a pipe. I'm new and one way I know is using another OBJ as a mask Basic Example GIF https://gyazo.com/912405a45452c308514db0ce5da4e64c How could this be done evenly on something more complex whether its a pipe or a detailed mesh. Thanks guys
  13. Transforms from low to high res

    Hi, Whats the workflow for simulating with low res RBD Geo and then transferring the transform information to a high res model? example https://gyazo.com/fb3e02f47fd5efe2ea3196b2d04f6206 Then taking the movement of the geo and transferring it to a much more dense/complex model Thanks guys
  14. tutorial problem

    Thanks marty So the motion trails here and shooting outwards?
  15. tutorial problem

    Hi guys, New to the forum and houdini, started with some tutorials and I got stuck. 8.25 the Absolute is plug in, from what he explains, the node can convert "negative values into their positive equivalent." When I do so, I don't get the same effect. My Point Trials are still pointing downwards (negative) , not upwards (positive) Sorry this is such a basic question! test_02.hip