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  1. Hmm strange, I guess this could be a quick workaround... I will take a closer look in the evening
  2. string attach to rigid

    Hi there, so I took a look at your setup and everything should now work as expected. I just created a vanilla attach to geoemtry node and set the point group to top in the first field. Other things leave as it is. It automaticly finds the primitives where it should attach and then it works. Cheers Test_pirmin.hiplc
  3. I think this sould work as it is, except for the frame query. Try instead: if(@Frame>178) { ..... Ahoi!
  4. Hi! So I gave it a quick try and I guess your setup is pretty solid in what it does. Actually I didn't go through all your nodes, I just added a flipsource node in your IceCream Object. I think the problem was, your Source wasn't filling the whole volume with Particles... Also I think that the influence object for melting should be much more subtle so it does not happen very quickly. I don't know if this is what you were looking for... Cheers icecream002_pirmin.hiplc
  5. Crowds agents are flickering

    Hi there, can you elaborate a little bit more about your problem ? Downloaded your rar, run the setup, everything seems to be fine. Where exactly are you agents jittering ?
  6. Applying moving constraints with Bullet solver

    Hey there, ok so I changed some things again I set the Constraints back to Glue and attached basically alsmost the same thing you had with the activate stuff on your rbd pieces. It's just creating a group and deleting the constraints with a blast node. On a fresh rbdbulletsolver I just checked 'Overwrite with Sop' and fed the blast node in the VEXpression SOP Path. Now your constraints break when the sphere touches and delets some of the constraints on the rest frame. Now you can go crazy and delete them in any order you want. Hope this helps. Cheers Pirmin moving_constraints3.hiplc
  7. Applying moving constraints with Bullet solver

    Hey, I did take a look at your file, I think the problem was you did not input the constraints to your sop solver. So I took the rest geo before the point deform, unpacked it, created the constraints and plugged them into the solver, now it does not fall apart. Don't know if this is exactly what you are looking for. moving_constraints_reworked.hiplc
  8. Hi odforce! I got really stuck with this so I would need some help from you guys! I have 3 different imported geometrys from Maya that I would like to stamp randomly along a grid. So far so good. Now I would like to delete randomly a group of faces(I already created a group node before the copy-sop) from each of the stamps. My approach was a group node and an attribute create node to create an atrribute(0 or 1, for not delete or delete). After the copy node I put down an attribute wrangle node to give the attribute I created a random value(0 or 1). Next was a delete node set to the group with an expression which looked like @attribute1 == 0 Everything seems fine but there is just one Problem... The attribute wrangle node puts the exact same random number in all the attributes for all stamps. So its either delete those faces or not. It seems pretty straightforward but I can't figure out how to give each group of The stamp a random attribute.... I would really appreciate some help Kind regards Pirmin