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  1. Distribute by size

    Hello, I've got 3 boxes first is 15x20, second 20x20, and third 30x30. I want to distribute them in one direction in right orded but also to have even spaces between them. Anybody ecnountered similiar problem?
  2. nearest pt num

    thank you so much Bunker! so easy.. still got a loooot to learn. and how about other attributes like distance between 2 points, normals, position, color, alpha? can it all be done in attribute wrangle node or is this suposse to be done in pc import?
  3. nearest pt num

    I'm using Houdini 15, and i'm following CmiVfx Connections tutorial, chapter 4 where you create sphere and grid and a vop sop wich is suposse to tell which point from the sphere is closest to which point on the grid. I know things changed with the latest H release, and i thought i kind of a figured it out, but all i get is constant number and it's not point number that is closest to anything. I'va attached the file, if anyone can look inside and tell me what i'm missing? nearestPTNUM.hip
  4. finite element and rbd object

    so this is what i was after, and after reading/ watching stuff here and there i managed to pull it of. The front stayed Finite element, but the back i switched to voronoi fractured object with glue adjacent: https://vimeo.com/156013467 it's not final version ofcourse, just low poly/sim settings to get the things going. There is metaball explosion in there, just saying since it's not noticeable right now without some pyro-fx, only the fracture object pieces are gainng some speed and spread after few frames. If anyone have some thoughts/ constructive criticism it would be much appreciated.
  5. finite element and rbd object

    Hi, i'm kind of a new to Houdini, and i can't find solution to my problem. I want to make a plane crash, but not usual, fracture-object plane crash stuff. I got my plane hitting a torus, so i thought it would be nice if the plane bends on it and than breaks. The answer to that Finite Element. Got it, done it, looking good. But my plane is made from 2 pieces, the first one, the finite element is the front of the plane, a pilot cabin. As i said it's all good at this point, i made few ajustements, used uniform force in z so it hits the torus at some speed. Next part however, the rest of the body of the plane, I used rbd object, make breakable, it breaks ok, but first of all - the uniform force is not working the same on it, as the finite element front and i have no idea why? The other question is, can i constrain the back body of the plane somehow to the front so they stay together before the hit? I don't need them to collide i just want them to stay together and fly at the same speed toward the torus, anyone can help please?