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  1. In this course I talk about the Dynamics and started with RBD object and with the fracturing system like Voronoi and much more. I show you how to managment the new systems in Houdini 17 like RBD Material Fracture, Voronoi Sops and the new constraint Soft. Also I show you some tips for switch from one costrant to others and how to converted the RBD simulation in "soft-body". Do you want more? Ok... I talk about also how to use the costum volume vops for fracture your geometry and use also a VEX for control some simulation (using also inside the sop solver). So... it's more theoretica/technical course in fact is split in two volume "4(a)" and "4(b)".... "4(b)" is more practical and coming soon... It's over h 4:30 with 32 videos and HIP Files included. basic requirements basic knowledge of Houdini recommended know/wacth Houdini Rocks Volume 1, 2 and 3 Details language english 32 video 1080p (1920x1080) in *.mp4 h264 codec video is color files HIP is included duration h 4:38:02 Matteo you can find it on: Artstation - artstation.com/matevil/store/p0xo/vfx-n-go-houdini-rocks-volume-4a-introduction-to-dynamics Gumroad - gum.co/mbvJC Cubebrush - cbr.sh/6exjfb CGCircuits - cgcircuit.com/instructor/matteo.migliorini
  2. Houdini Tips: Bullet DOPs to Cloth (soft deform) with Soft Constraint Hi, in this tutorial I want show you one fast way for create a soft deformation using a new constraint inside Houdini 17. this techniques is a good way for simulation a car crash or similar. This video is an extract from my Workshop and my course VFX'n'GO Houdini Rocks (vol.4) that you can find on my market place (gumroad, cubebrush, artstation, cgcircuit, etc...) enjoy Matteo artstation - artstation.com/matevil/store gumroad - gumroad.com/vfxandgo cubebrush - cubebrush.co/matteomigliorini cgcircuit - cgcircuit.com/instructor/matteo.migliorini
  3. Last day - 40% off on all products you can find on my shop of Gumroad... https://gumroad.com/vfxandgo promocode: bw18
  4. Hi there, How are you? I hope you're fine. What is it "Houdini Rocks"? It's the first volume of more courses dedicated to Houdini in english language and in the first volume you can find some part (not the same) of my workshop "Houdini for Artist" is started last 3rd september, but you're still in time for join wih other student if you want... By the way here I don't talk about the rocks or how to create rocks (it's only the title). In this course I cover a variety of material and I introduce you to Houdini. In the first lessons I talk about proceduralism and interface, but we touch also advanced subject like VOPs and VEX. Finally you have a good approch to Houdini and you can start to work with it. All you need is Houdini Gumroad - gum.co/leOq Cubebrush - cbr.sh/z6utbt CGCircut - https://www.cgcircuit.com/tutorial/vfx'n'go---houdini-rocks---volume-1 Udemy - https://www.udemy.com/vfxngo-houdini-rocks-volume-1/learn/v4/overview have a nice day Matteo
  5. AVAILABLE FROM: 1st October LOCATION: I'm based in Italy, but used to travel (in EU preferably) LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/matteomigliorinicg/ DESCRIPTION: Hi, I'm Matteo Migliorini 3D/FX Artist in my recent experince I worked in Ghost VFX (interneship), in Copenhagen, like FX Artist in Houdini, on some projects like TV Show and movie.Before of it I worked for 10+ years in more different field in 3D like advanced technologies like Supervisor and FX artist for Dynamics simulation. Actually I'm busy on some production, but I'm available from late september/october. I acept more kind of contracts, remote/outsource or relocate work, freelance or short contract also (obviusly I know you don't have immediatly position, but for the future). I'm smart and I love new challenges for improve my-shelf on new software/plugin (if possible) or for new tasks could be help our collaboration. I attached my public showreel (some shots is under NDA yet, so... I can't show you more on public). You can visit my website or my youtube/vimeo channel for see more different example or another things. Thank you and i hope to update my reel soon Matteo
  6. Hi there, I'll share with you my new educational project... I hope you appreciate it. If you want jump in Houdini this workshop could be a good opportunity http://vfxandgo.art2upz.com/FX4Artist.html In the link to webpage you can find all information on it also the outile for the 8 weeks and the difference prices. If you looking for a little discount you can follow the official page on Facebook where you can find also the promo-code for 10% off on it. thank you Matteo P.s. maybe the title isn't original....
  7. Hi there, I have this effects I want add another head inside with the same FX but with a different time and with the interaction with the first so I add another Head, setting my fx, but I notice some problem or better I see my sim started in the same time and have some problem of iteration. I add some image. So.. the question is. How can I setting in one DOPs my sim with different time? I think to use the VEX with a different group or attribute transfer or create 2 sim inside one DOP (so 2 multisolver etc...) but I think doesn't works and in some case I work on it for 2 days without find a good solution. Any Idea? Thanks Matteo
  8. Hi there, I came back here after more time so... I started a new WIP for a personal project on Houdini from concept to final and for now I finish, maybe, the modelling process. I create two video with the little making. https://vimeo.com/221543603 second step https://vimeo.com/221752967 I hope you like it and... so... thank you for your time. Mat Ps.: C&C are welcome always!!!
  9. Which Linux For Houdini?

    ok, thank you so much Mat
  10. Which Linux For Houdini?

    Hi there, I ask here without open a new topic... I read some of your comment and I understand the better distro for pipeline with Maya and Houdini is Ubuntu or CentOS right? But what do you think about Mint? does is it ok for Maya/Houdini? because... I started to study linux system on virtual machine (VMWare Player) but I have a lot of problem for install Maya (Houdini and Fusion works in all case... Houdini give me some problem with a VGA, but I think the problem is the "virtual VGA" not "real VGA" however I try in the next step). So, if I install Mint can I install without issue Maya? Thank you and sorry Atom for my question here Matteo Ps.: I choose Mint because have more basic application inside and I don't became crazy for install software more easy software.
  11. Linux partitioning scheme

    You should select the gnome UI when you install CentOS. I try to install on virtual machine (VMWare Player) CentOS7 and I used the first of this link - http://isoredirect.centos.org/centos/7/isos/x86_64/CentOS-7-x86_64-DVD-1511.iso For help on installation see that - Mat
  12. Natron vs...

    I came back on Fusion when pass under Blackmagic Design because is free also for Commercial works (if I read well) and the unlimitated/ultra HD version is very low price around 1000 $. Alternative could be Autodesk Composite, but... mh...mh.... Fusion is better if you want a free version. Mat
  13. Maybe I fix.... the problem is the position of some part and create the overlopping faces from the model so... create problem with the fracture voronoi... I continued
  14. ok, I think the problem is on the model on the short side.... now I need to fix it.. There is the vertex weld like 3dsmax in Houdini? I try to use the fuse node but not work one-by-one... thanks Matteo
  15. Hi there, I'm working on my personal project and I have a little problem with the geometry and the Voronoi Fracture Node.. I'm looking around on web and try more different way, but son't find a real/good solution... or better... I want try to fix it and in the same time try to understand "what's happen". After I destroy my model I have: - Flip/overlapping faces - some part is not close, why? What I did? I create my model from a box, create one part and then with a Copy Sop create a number of element and edit it (and with the same concept I create also frames and windows, but for now I'm working only on the wall structure) and apply the UV. Then I copy it for a number of my floor. isolate the part I want distroy and fracture it with a Voronoi Fracture node. Where am I wrong? (and how to fix it?) Thank you for your time and help Matteo