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  1. I found this and fixed with that https://momme.gumroad.com/l/cfxwrap?layout=profile&recommended_by=library
  2. ok, that should be work with "Copy To Point" sops and not with point deform, I try another way for have the same fx. thanks a lot
  3. ok, saw and it's very clear and nice, unfortunately, I try to apply it to grains and point deform, and seems didn't work, I want to try also to extrapolate only geo (with a for-each) and see what happens. I can't use a copy to point because I have a lot of particles in hi-res others ideas? thanks Matteo
  4. Thanks Jacob, I go to test it tomorrow and came back to you....
  5. Hi, I try to work with grains and packed geometry. I had a simulation of grains and then connected a fragmented geometry (with assemble and packed geo checked) but my pieces didn't rotate or didn't follow the normal orientation. Is there a way to do that? I try also to create a normal using the Vel vector for assigned the rotation to my fracture pieces... Thanks and have a good day Matteo
  6. houdini dop inherit velocity

    thanks, Matt for sharing your knowledge, but if I want to be moved up/down the pieces are on the edge like a line across it and open like a crack it, how can I do that? I attached an Image for a better description Thanks a lot Matteo
  7. Hi there, I have a camera from the alembic scene and I will transfer the same properties on the camera of Houdini, but locked in specific frames. That operation should be done for more cameras and I try to do it automatically without "copy/paste" a channel and then deleted every time, I try with a chop network and with a timeshift/warp/time range, without success. Any idea? Thanks and have a good day Matteo
  8. mm VDB (Smoke) Combine for Houdini 17.x and over

    It works. Obviously you should build a system for cluster and from shelf, for example, in Houdini 19 doesn't exist and you should do manually or you can switch to Sparse Systems (sometime works and some time should be better the old way). Here my scene tested on Houdini 19 Matteo mm_vdb_smoke_combinetest_19.hiplc
  9. mm VDB (Smoke) Combine for Houdini 17.x and over

    It should be works, I check soon and came back to you. Matteo
  10. mm BurnOut v1 - H17.5 and up

    update With this HDA you can create a dust/smoke simulation so quickly (save 75% of the time comparative the traditional way). New features in release 1.5 Unlock/open HDA Toggle show emitter geometry Toggle show pyro emitter Toggle enable/disable Noise on pyro emitter Toggle switch to VDB cache Improved Boundaries and show grids with voxel resolution Improved interface for Fields when you save the bgeo cache Improved documentation
  11. mm BurnOut v1 - H17.5 and up

    Hi there! After more time of working, testing, and, more long process, writing the documentation (help offline) I publish my new OTL for Houdini (17.5 and up) to create a dust/smoke FX generated from the contact between one or more geometry. The tool is inspired by another tool I did and used in production on some TV-Show for kids (check on my LinkedIn profile). In the last 4 months, I re-created, re-design, and fixed some problems from the old OTL for made a very stable and cool tool you can use for your FX and in more cases is "ready-out-the-box". It's a payment tool and if you buy the version for Houdini 17.5 I give you a free update for the next release with the sparse solver. buy now here https://gum.co/NVcJM If you follow me on Patreon you can take it for free. I'm working on the version with sparse solver, if you get it now you have the update for free. Thanks Matteo video
  12. mm tools - Free and pay digital asset

    mm Split RGB v 2.0 Update stuff: Works on the object now. Add the option "Keep color" Second output for check the explode view on fracture elements Improved Documentation/Help Changed Interface in the first tab. Changed name of "input" and add "Geometry" Changed position of "Display Items" Changed position of "Delete all color" Fixed the problem on save cache, but not sure working all time, so check the documentation on "Save me Baby!!!" in note part.
  13. Houdini 19 Wishlist

    nice tips, thanks
  14. Hi there, I want share for free my HDA for combine and export the cache of fluid from cluster system and convert it in VDB. Download here It's a open HDA so you can edit it if you want, please let me know if you do/did it and let me know if you use it in production. It's free, but a little donation is grateful Have a nice day Matteo video demo https://youtu.be/dLj2CaWam7Q
  15. mm Quick Path Save Presets

    Hi there, I want share for free my presets for: Filecache Sops DOP I/O Sops ROP Geometry Sops ROP Alembic Sops ROP FBX Sops Included a litte PDF (english and italian language) with a small description. Why I create it? Because I'm "lazy" and I want save time when I should save my cache of sim and for a "quickly input" I create a simple strings where you can put inside some value/name and create for you a final string with the path where you want save. When use it? When you want save time and you "haven't time"... It's free, but a little donation is grateful Gumroad - https://gum.co/KScZC Cubebrush - http://cbr.sh/ex87j1 Have a nice day Matteo