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  1. mm tools - Free and pay digital asset

    mm Split RGB v 2.0 Update stuff: Works on the object now. Add the option "Keep color" Second output for check the explode view on fracture elements Improved Documentation/Help Changed Interface in the first tab. Changed name of "input" and add "Geometry" Changed position of "Display Items" Changed position of "Delete all color" Fixed the problem on save cache, but not sure working all time, so check the documentation on "Save me Baby!!!" in note part.
  2. Hi there, I want share with you some of my tools/HDA I created in the time. Some is free and some not. For more of it you can I write also the documentation and create some tutorial. I'm also on orbolt and I think to publish some new tools soon... for now that and thanks for visit... mm Split RGB v.02 - tool for Houdini (Free/donation) https://gum.co/yhpHA Description: This tool was created for my patreon channel and from the question of my student in Italian school. Assign RGB Color with based on the range from 0 to 1. You can split the simulation like RBD or Particles, but also the elements (created with the copy sops for e.g.) and assign or extrapolate it with the color RGB. Video ______________________________________________________________________________________ mm Plexus FX v.01 - tool for Houdini (free and pay) Description: You can create a Plexus effects inside Houdini. This tool is available in 3 version: lite (free-ware), complete and open HDA (you can edit it). LITE: https://gum.co/LKnCA The restrictions for Lite Version are Scatter Points limit to 50 Not available Load points options. Not available Extra points Shapes tab. Not available noise on line options. Not available triangles by Geometry options. Not available splitted BGEO cache options. Not available all ABC (Alembic) export options. If you use in Commercial Works quote my name and the name of tools (I appreciate a lot). Complete: https://gum.co/iYGZS Open HDA: https://gum.co/ANObdk ______________________________________________________________________________________ mm Volume Fracture V 01.0 for Houdini 16 and up (free and pay) You can create the Voronoi Fracture and drive it with the Volume (vdb), apply the noise (if you want) on it and control the position of it in the space XYZ (if you want). Also you can: Apply more details on cut edge like a noise/distortion. Create a new smaller pieces inside your pieces based on the percentage of your original Voronoi Fracture. LITE: https://gum.co/lVIBm Complete: https://gum.co/OsGZn ______________________________________________________________________________________ Digital Asset "mm_Fast_ScatterFX" Houdini and Cinema 4D Very easy tools for create a fast and smart scatterFX, I think this digital asset for Cinema 4D users... The price is very symbolic for help me and continued to develop more tools also for Cinema 4D, Houdini and so on... https://gum.co/yvySD video:
  3. Houdini 19 Wishlist

    nice tips, thanks
  4. Hi there, I want share for free my HDA for combine and export the cache of fluid from cluster system and convert it in VDB. Download here It's a open HDA so you can edit it if you want, please let me know if you do/did it and let me know if you use it in production. It's free, but a little donation is grateful Have a nice day Matteo video demo https://youtu.be/dLj2CaWam7Q
  5. mm Quick Path Save Presets

    Hi there, I want share for free my presets for: Filecache Sops DOP I/O Sops ROP Geometry Sops ROP Alembic Sops ROP FBX Sops Included a litte PDF (english and italian language) with a small description. Why I create it? Because I'm "lazy" and I want save time when I should save my cache of sim and for a "quickly input" I create a simple strings where you can put inside some value/name and create for you a final string with the path where you want save. When use it? When you want save time and you "haven't time"... It's free, but a little donation is grateful Gumroad - https://gum.co/KScZC Cubebrush - http://cbr.sh/ex87j1 Have a nice day Matteo
  6. Fedora vs. Centos

    FYI I bought another SSD and try Fedora and find good for now, but I think to test also a deb based soon. Matteo
  7. Fedora vs. Centos

    Hi there, I read a lot a discussion, but I didn't found a good answer for my doubt. In the past I used CentOS (but a lot of setting and "to do") for a shot time and Kubuntu, but I want pass to rpm distro, for that reason I started to evaluate Fedora respect CentOS. Someone use it? (Fedora) what do you think? thanks for your help and have a nice day Matteo
  8. Best Linux Distribution for Houdini ?

    the answer is inside you Deb based and KDE Desktop Enviroment by the way I used Fedora (at home) in this time and I found good, but I use/used Linux Mint/Kubuntu. For my experience Kubuntu is a good solution and Mint is more user friendly, there aren't a "best solution for" there are only the best solution for you because more in Linux is "how you feeling with it". Some my friend love Arch and some hate it, some love Linux Mint and some love POP_os... etc...etc... Remember if you love a KDE like Desktop Enviroment is only the addons and you can install all DE on all distro of linux (for example I have Fedora Gnome, but I install by terminal KDE without problem). Have a good day Matteo
  9. Hi there, Rainbow CGI (location Rome, Italy) looking for FX Artist (with Houdini) and for Compositor (Nuke). general requirement: minimum experience in production 2 years good knowledge of Houdini (for FX artist position) or Nuke good knowledge of Nuke (for compositing position) respect for deadline problem solving and available to work with team for compositor skills like rotoscope, camera track and clean-plane is essentially For apply you can visit the website (http://www.rbw-cgi.it) or write to - recruiting@rbw-cgi.it Good luck! Matteo Ps. Send me a message if you should apply so I can said to the HR
  10. Fedora vs. Centos

    thanks for your information I try in January
  11. Fedora vs. Centos

    Ok, thanks... so no Fedora? in the meantime I found some one install DaVinci on deb distro. https://www.linuxuprising.com/2018/06/how-to-install-davinci-resolve-15-in.html So if it's work I can moved also on DEB distro like mint or kubuntu? thanks Matteo
  12. Fedora vs. Centos

    Ok, Thanks. No Autodesk, the reason is DaVinci. I read it works on rpm and not on deb (or I'm wrong?). Essentially I want use Blender, Houdini and DaVinci and I'm looking for a good distro for that.
  13. Any way to get the cmiVFX L-System tutorials?

    https://www.sidefx.com/tutorials/bonus-lesson-l-systems/ do you know/see that?
  14. New Color Schemes

    thanks for share it, I try soon. Matteo
  15. Vellum Custom forces

    do you tried to add it inside the DOP?
  16. it would seems he "drawing" only the line, but I think there are more works under the hood in the digital asset. For do that you can study how to replicate/duplicate the branch on the trunk and then how to add leaves and scale/rotate/position it random. I created something of similar in the past. Mat
  17. Hi there, I want share only for user of OD Force a special offer... 25% OFF on my 2 bundle "Houdini Rocks" tutorial series until 15th November 2019 promo code: odforce25 bundle 1 here - https://gumroad.com/l/dhHgF bundle 2 here - https://gumroad.com/l/Rlqln have a nice day Matteo p.s.: promo code is valid on all products in my shop - https://gumroad.com/vfxandgo
  18. Pop grains wokflow question

    good to know the other thread.... ps. about the tools for now no, I started to develop something but I have a lot of works on more aspect and so no more time for it.
  19. Exploding vellum grains

    For constraint you can use an attribute cop between the vellum grain sop and constraint sop and setting inside one color with turbolance or voronio and export (bind) the constraint attribute. Then you can load it in the vellum constraint sop. If I remember well you can find one example files inside the folder "help" in Houdini director on your system (e.g. in Windows under the program files->sidefx->etc...etc....).
  20. Pop grains wokflow question

    I know... so you can update your workstation or renderfarm (lol, I'm joke).... seriously you can push how you can and then you can copy some geometry by points and mesh it with vdb. Mat
  21. Mudbox now Dead

    In this time I'm looking around for another software I can use with Houdini and on sculpt I see some good combination with Blender... maybe a lot of people moved or on ZBrush, 3DCoat or Blender...
  22. Houdini 19 Wishlist

    some good alternative you can associate like external editor https://code.visualstudio.com https://www.sublimetext.com https://atom.io https://notepad-plus-plus.org
  23. Exploding vellum grains

    do you try to use a custom constraint with Vop and color for the clumps?
  24. Pop grains wokflow question

    what do you mean with "best point interpolation" ? The only way I found with pop grains is use not use a upres. it's good tool, but in more cases doesn't works correctly or create some flickering part so I prefer to up the quality of my source (= particles sep) and don't use upres/point replicator tools. Alternative you can use the grains with vellum because is more fasted respect the pop grains. my 2 cents Matteo
  25. Houdini 19 Wishlist

    I tried/used that for 1 week and I found very well also, if I remmeber well, you can use a special button and setting inside some different tools for each software you used (it's like a circular menù in Houdini, but you can use one for Houdini, one for Maya, for e.g., or others and in all cases it's different). Price is high also because you should buy the pad so price not less, but is very good product. https://www.3dconnexion.co.uk/nc/products/cadmouse-product-line.html On Atohotkey scripts good to knoe I use it for fix alwayse on top some application/floating windows in Win10. Matteo