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  1. Hi, I just installed Houdini on my Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 and i'm getting this (Screenshot). I already tried to delete the Houdini folder in documents and deleted the icon cache files. Viewport navigation works, but the UI itself looks distorted and all the icons are gone. Windows scaling is also not the issue. I tried everything there. Fun thing is, that all the buttons are clickable. So if you know where the "Edit" menu is, you can click it. I also Any ideas what can cause this? Rolling back to an older Intel Iris Plus driver also doesn't seem to work. Looks like Dell uses modified versions of the driver and doesn't let me install something different. Any help is highly appreciated. Cheers Simon
  2. edit: ok...i just downloaded the asset from orbolt and it actually IS my asset. This is weird and not very funny since i haven't uploaded it by myself. Time to find out how it landed there.
  3. Hi guys, maybe i can help since the video you posted is made by me The link to the orbolt store is not my asset and i'm kind of irritaded right now, since this asset from sidefx has exactly the same name as my asset (geoboil). I mean this could also be a coinsident, but i have not given my asset to sidefx or anyone else and i haven't published it on orbolt myself. Sure, there's no copyright or anything else and everyone is of course allowed to rebuild it and i'm also sure that i was not the first one to build something like that, but still, it's kind of strange to find this in orbolt. However: I used spawned particles on the surface which create simple spheres that grow over lifetime. Then the whole shape (small sphere and big main sphere) is meshed using VDBs. After that i also create VDBs from the small spheres (bubbles), erode them a bit to make them smaller and subtract these from the big shape to make the bubbles hollow. Then jsut mesh the resulting VDB and you're done. Hope this helps. Cheers, Simon
  4. Thanks Fuat! Works like a charm, even if i don't unstand exactly how the uv node creates those values. But however....i'm here to learn this stuff. Thanks a lot!
  5. Hey Guys, So first of all: Hi! My Name is Simon and I'm new to this forum and also pretty new to the Houdini world. Until now i did all my work in Cinema4D, but since i always liked to work very technical and play around with vectors, matrices and other stuff that a lot of people are scared of, i took a closer look at Houdini. And so far i love it. For practise, i try to rebuild some of my tools and setups i created in C4D using XPresso and Thinking Particles. So i rebuilt a setup i made a few years ago (vimeo.com/52803528) where particles spawn on an object and are only allowed to make direction changes in 90° angles to build a gridlike structure. That part works great so far. As a small addition, i wanted to colorize my trails based on their length. So for example that the tip is always green and the end is red. So basically a gradient over the length of the trail. Last week i found out that i can use the expression $PCT in a sweep node to get a value between 0 and 1 over the length to the backbone curve to scale the crossection. So i thought i could also use this expression to colorize the trails with a gradient. Sadly it seems, that this expression only works in the sweep node. Maybe i'm also wrong and overseeing something. So if not, is there a simple way to colorize curves with a gradient based on their length? So that the start has color A and the end has color B? Cheers, Simon
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