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  1. Hey everyone! I`d appreciate if someone could give me a help on this. I`ve been doing a melting object and as it melts I have a popnetwork creating particles for my bubbles geo wherever the object is changing viscosity based on an attribute I created. To make sure the particles always stick to the surface I created a Ray Sop with the method set to Minimun Distance since Project Rays is not giving me any results. But I`m facing a problem with it since the particles don`t move with the deforming surface. I have attached a playblast to better illustrate my issue. Cheers! Bubbles.mp4
  2. Hi, I need to do some water splashes with debris falling on the water. So I created a particle system, instanced the debris geo to the particles and then I cached the intanced debris so I wouldn`t need the particles anymore. My next step was creating the collision volume for the debris falling on the water but nothing happens. I tried the same thing with just an animated sphere and that worked perfectly. Why are my debris not colliding when I can even see that the collision volume was created? Thanks
  3. Hi, I`m currently doing an ocean scene on houdini Indie and I`m having some problems with the "export to texture" part. If I have a resolution exponent of 10, my displacement maps will be 1024 x 1024. If I increase it to 12 for the amount of details that I need, the maps will be 4096 x 4096. However, if the maps are set to this big, when I click Render ( in the export to texture tab), nothing happens. I only get the displacement maps exported if they are 1024 x 1024. Any reasons why? Is there any way to solve this? Thanks
  4. Load Failed Issue

    Hello everyone, I just opened my scene in houdini today, and it`s a .hiplc scene since my houdini is Houdini Indie. But I soon as click to open the file I get this message saying: Load Failed for (File name) Error: Unexpected end of .hip file Can someone help me? Cheers
  5. Oh, okay then =] Thought that the temperature was acting weird. Any tips for this explosion?
  6. So, I just recently rendered this scene for a test. However, there is something weird with the way that the colors change, seems to random and chaotic. Could the problem be in some shader setting? Or would it be in the actual simulation? Cheers explosion3.mov