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  1. Freezing centroid with an expression

    Thank you very much, i hope i didn't bother you with some beginner-level-questions...
  2. Hello OdForce, I managed to evaluate the centroid of a moving geometry with the chf expression function, but i know i'm doing it the wrong way. I have a couple of questions : - Is there a way to freeze the centroid local variable ? ($CEX, $CEY and $CEZ always return 0 for some reason...) - How can i freeze the centroid without having to compute it in a different node ? (feel free to take a look at my hip file) hou.Parm might be useful here, but i'm not sure how to use it... Thanks in advance ! freeze_centroid_001.hipnc
  3. Hi there, I watched the Cloth Masterclass from the sideFX website, and there is something i can't get to work : I create a point attribute called overallstiffness (which is used in the Cloth Object DOP) but this does not change the simulation in any way... Could you help me about it ? I assume this is a very basic question, but i can't find any answer to it for now :/ Feel free to check my hip file if you have some time, dont worry it's a very simple setup, just to show the problem. Thanks attribute_issue.hipnc
  4. Velocity field from animated geometry

    Hi again, Even if a solution has already been explained, I just found a tutorial from Peter Quint where he just uses an Advect by Volume node. It's a pretty simple setup : part 1 : https://vimeo.com/12092711 part 2 : https://vimeo.com/12093352 The only "issue" you might have with this solution : you can't really have control on the effect (volumefeather for instance...).
  5. Velocity field from animated geometry

    YES ! That is exactly what i needed. With your answers and your explanations, it becomes clearer. Thank you so much !
  6. Velocity field from animated geometry

    Thank you for your quick answer. Your vel volume technique works well (thus, i don't really understand how the velocity affects the visibility of the volume)... I was wondering if there was a way to add a feather to the volume. I tried to add a volume feather/volume blur, but it didn't seem to work. I guess I can manage to do it with a volumeVOP or something. When you talk about a container of smoke, you talk about a smoke object and a smoke solver, right ? I created a container, collision with the object works, but how can i manage to affect my particles with the smoke container's vectors ? I tried with a "POP advect by volume", with velocity source set to "DOP data", but it doesn't work... I let you check my setup, if you have time Thanks vel field from points_B_v002.hip
  7. Velocity field from animated geometry

    Hello there, i'm stuck in a particle simulation, here is my issue : I have an animated bird geometry that goes through a cloud of particles, and I want his wings to create wind and swirls. I managed to compute velocity with a trail node... but i can't find a way to have a vector field simulation out of it. Can anyone help me ? (it may be a stupid question... but i'm new with houdini and i'm a bit lost between the different tools)