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  1. FFX Align To Curve

    FFX Align To Curve HDA FFX Align To Curve brings a faster system for customizing orientation of geometry along the length of a curve. Working with point data directly, a user is easlily able to develop in realtime their desired orientation data. A clear adjustable guide system shows exactly which direction your geometry will orient towards once copied onto the processed points. Scaleable arrows reveal the primary tangentu orientation and travel direction along the curve. Auxillary normal and bitangent markers reveal the other axis orientations. Features include: - Guide scaling, opacity, and color. - Offset parameter to slide points along curve. - Reversible orientation direction - Roll, Pitch, and Yaw controls that can be varied over the length of curve. - Pscale (scale) point attribute that can be randomized and varied over the length of curve. - Cd (color) point attribute that can be varied over the length of curve. - Separate head and tail point breakout to allow for unique geometry from the main curve. - Plus other adjustment, and output options. Video Tutorial: https://vimeo.com/478682335 For more information please visit https://fendrafx.com
  2. VEX Tutorial

    This is an older tutorial I had made, but it has recently moved to a new location, so I wanted to update everyone one on that. Houdini VEX point manipulation tutorial shows four different types of geometry point setups via VEX code . Project file is now available for download as well. Watch the tutorial at Fendra Fx: https://fendrafx.com/tutorial/houdini-vex-point-manipulation/
  3. VEX Point Manipulation

    Hi everyone, I had put together this tutorial based on a n old experiment I had done. People kept asking about the build, but I had since lost the original project. Recently I had found an old backup, so decided to explain how I did things. You can view the article and video tutorial on ProVideoCoalition here: https://www.provideocoalition.com/houdini-vex-point-manipulation/ When I had originally made the project over a year ago, I was following along with Entagma's VEX geometry tutorial. I then ventured out on my own and starting modifying, adding my own stuff, and transforming it. Ended up creating a maze'esque grid pattern, a vertical stripe system with custom UI controls, and a nebula'esque looking design. Each build using the same geometry source object. It was a good learning exercise.
  4. Learning Paths Houdini experience

    Agreed Shawn. Watching tutorials for bits and pieces that you are trying to accomplish is more beneficial. The brain has a better chance of retaining the info. Also constant use and repetitive rebuilding of even simple things helps in retaining the info too.
  5. Learning Paths Houdini experience

    Shiz, I am in the same boat as you. Allthough I have dabbled with Houdini off and on over the last few years since H13. Unfortunately I was constantly pulled away from learning the app on a regular basis with the day job. I learned some awesome stuff and then forgot that awesome stuff due to the LONG breaks between being able to come back to it. At the time I got hooked on Ben Watts of BW Design. In the last two months I've had more time to focus on learning Houdini again, and thankfully many more tutorials have come out. This is mostly all free stuff, with a few paid within the mix. I am still debating on getting John's pluralsight series, as I personally like his explanations of things, but there are tons of freely available tuts within vimeo and youtube for the vast majority of getting familiar with the app in general. Hope these help. These are what I have been watching lately (many more out there though) ... Entagma: https://vimeo.com/entagma Rohan Dalvi: https://vimeo.com/rohandalvi Go Procedural: https://vimeo.com/goprocedural John Moncrief (thanks for the tuts @johnCrief): vimeo.com/179767841 | vimeo.com/179767919 | vimeo.com/179767981 Ben Watts: https://vimeo.com/bwdesign Varomix (informative, but slow to get to the point sometimes): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC65D7DvzyyGEqIJVxK-XhDg Tokeru (Matt Estela): http://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/?title=Houdini Matt Estela (found some nice tidbits in this one): vimeo.com/188152206