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  1. Weird flipping in positive Z axis?

    Nevermind, i fixed it by sorting the points differently. I dont understand 100% what i did wrong but it works fine now went for a simple sort by axis setup.
  2. Weird flipping in positive Z axis?

    Hi, I am doing the same operation on every point of a curve using a series of nested for-each subnetworks. It all works well but wherever the original curve enter positive Z on the coordinate system it flips? The connections are made with the add node based on pointID (an attribute i created based on point number before merging) Any idea why it behaves like this? Cheers
  3. Houdini Book?

    Found it on the sideFx website, seems like it just moved to a new spot on the site https://www.sidefx.com/tutorials/softimage-to-houdini-transition-guide/ direct link https://www.sidefx.com/media/uploads/tutorial/jordi/softimage2houdiniguides_all.pdf
  4. Hi, I was wondering how one would go about laying out UVs based on the selected shells' world orientation. Lets say I have an arbitrary boxy shape with chamfered edges. I would like to be able to box map the selected polys, stitch the shells together and then have all shells organized in the same orientation basically. So regardless of them being aligned in world X Y or Z they need to end up in the same orientation in the UVs if that makes sense? I attached a mockup from 3dsmax Any ideas? Thanks!
  5. Hi, i got the same problem right now, has this been resolved? Would love to know if you got this to work. Thanks!
  6. group by expression

    Cool! f1480187 thank you taking the time! Will try it when I get home. Cheers
  7. group by expression

    Anybody? Was hoping this would be an easy "this is how you do it in 2 easy steps..." for any veteran Best, Frederik
  8. group by expression

    Hi there, I am currently following the quite amazing tutorial by Jonah Hall called Creating Procedural Rigs and Controlling Motion in Houdini on Pluralsight. It has been released a few years back (2011 i think) so he is using an older version of houdini. Most of it can easily be recreated in H16 but 2/3 into the tutorial he groups points using the group node and the "point" expression and i am having troubles recreating the same effect in H16, the way grouping works has changed quite a bit from what i can tell with my limited experience and I'm a bit stuck. The expression he uses goes something like: point("../in,$PT,"step",0) < point("../in,$PT-1,"step",0) from what I understand he is comparing each point with its neighbor on the connected line ($PT-1) and groups based on the step attribute (step is created in chops based on earlier generated motion data) Could any of you point me in the right direction of how to approach this? Thank you! Frederik
  9. got it, thanks! actually used a bit of houdini today for the first time in an actual project at work, some procedural modeling to make my life a lot easier. so proud!
  10. just got home and got it to work right away! saved me a lot of heartache here Twan, thanks! gonna dig into some more complicated assets now! when you say: add things to native Houdini nodes, inside your otl, which you can then promote to the top layer, into the type properties could you explain that to me as if i were 7?
  11. additional question: do you recommend to always work in the Operator Type Properties or do you use the Parameter Interface when you dont plan to export it to a game engine? Are there drawbacks to the Type Properties? Also, do you know if there are limitations of what the houdini engine for unity can handle? aka nodes that arent supported? Thank you so much
  12. just had a quick look during my break, the interfaces really do look almost identical! can i still use drag and drop to place my parameters or do i have to make the link manually?
  13. Thank you Twan, that clears it up in theory! Gotta see if I can get it to work practically tonight Everything still is wondrous new terrain for me in Houdini. way cool
  14. Will give this a go tonight when i get home from work, thanks for the suggestion Geordie. I was just watching some tutorial on the subject and i believe i havent closed my asset yesterday "match current definition" not sure if that makes a difference. also i noted, the tutor created the gui the following way: create parameter in the parameter editor, copy, then paste relative reference into the asset. what i have been doing was: left click and drag from asset into the GUI editor. maybe that creates bad links? Usually while creating assets in houdini that is not a problem, right?
  15. Hi there, been trying out the houdini/unity integration lately. Very interesting stuff! I did run into the problem that when i export my digital assets as OTLs they show up fine in unity but as soon as i expose parameters in the GUI to be made available in engine (save asset again, reload in unity), the asset disappears from the unity viewport. Im not doign anything fancy, just exposing a boxes size attribute to keep the error margin to a minimum. This seems to be a bug as i had it working before with other assets and i kept trying it multiple times always resulting in the same issue. Anybody else having similar issues?