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  1. 3d Coat -> Houdini

    I'm using 3D Coat for the first time and created a character with voxel sculpting that I want to import into Houdini to rig and animate. I've gone through the re-topo process, but lost a lot of detail in the conversion to a quad mesh. I'm looking for any tips/tricks/settings that will allow me to go from voxel to a reasonable polygonal model that Houdini can handle. For anyone currently using 3D Coat, what's your typical pipeline in to Houdini?
  2. TweenMachine

    Is there anything out there for Houdini that does what the TweenMachine mel script does for Maya? http://www.justinanimator.com/mel-tweenMachine.php
  3. Viewing silhouettes

    Thanks Edward. I wasn't ignoring your suggestion, just in collection mode to figure out what works best for my workflow.
  4. Viewing silhouettes

    It would be constant if it were a shader, but I was looking for a way to do it without changing shaders. I only want to do a quick test to see if my poses read well before continuing on. I'm sure there are multiple ways of achieving this so was just looking for the quick and dirtiest method I could find.
  5. If I'm animating a character and would just like to see the silhouettes, what's the easiest way to do that in Houdini?
  6. Mark's toons

    I like the shader you used a lot. Did you write that yourself?
  7. Posing The Toon Character

    Here's the file. I noticed that when I did the switch to IK and the arm moved, I was able to nearly get it back into place using the IKtwist translate manipulator, but it would take a lot of fiddling to try to get it spot on. Frame 6 has the pose with the hands on the table. IKtest.tar.gz
  8. Posing The Toon Character

    That didn't do it. The arm still moved. The final position seemed to move the same amount regardless of the order I did the two operations.
  9. I'm playing around with the Toon character and I don't understand how to switch from FK to IK arms properly. I've been posing in FK, but with the character's hands on a table I want to switch to IK so when he lifts himself up his hands stay put on the table. In the switchers control I pressed Match IK to FK, then switched the blending totally to IK, but his arm moved. So how should I be doing this?
  10. Ah thanks. That did it. VLC worked too. Quicktime on a Mac just wasn't very happy with it.
  11. I went to get a refresher on subd modeling with these videos, but they're not playing well. The audio stutters/drops out throughout all of them. http://odforce.net/downloads/videos/v6/mod...ubd_shoe_01.avi
  12. Character Modeling Workflow

    Thanks for this link. I noticed at his site that his characters were modeled with the arms below 90
  13. Character Modeling Workflow

    I'm a neophyte at character modeling and was just wondering if people had a preference when modeling a character to have the arms out at 90
  14. Odforce Database Down Message

    Guess I need to do the same.