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  1. Hi there, I got a question regarding voronoi pieces: I want to scale them dynamically (by an animated noise map for example). When using a foreach loop with a transform inside with CEX,.. pivots, the pieces each scale fine, but all at he same time. I my idea was to use color for the scale, but for this each piece should have a different color. Now the problem is that I cant color the whole pieces, but their invidual points/primitives only when using attribtransfer (regardles if its in an own for each...). Well I hope you know what I mean. Thanks, Best Jan vornoi_scale_test1.hip
  2. Hi there! I just learned to build multifractals using a forloop vop in H14. (see images attached) This was quite easy by putting a noise node inside the forl-vop and adjusting the iterations. Just wondering how to replicate this using the new forloop in H15? Best
  3. The (very) first Days...

    Thank you. No special vex stuff going on there yet. Based mostly on free tutorials by rohan dalvi and peter quint...
  4. The (very) first Days...

    Yet another update, mostly messing with grains, starting at around 05:30
  5. Some smoke issues

    Hi, I encountered some issues concerning the otherwise great smoke-fluid-tools. Maybe somebody can help? FIrst off I'm using a "smoke container" and "source from volume" from the shelves. One thing is that in general I like using physically based lighting, so also using area lights with quadratic attenuation (physically correct). The problem is that the (otherwise incredibly good) viewport preview doesn't take the attenuation into account, so everything is completly blown out. Is there a way to fix this? (of course I can decrease the light intensity for preview and then set it up again for rendering, but that's lots of work.. ). The other more important issue happens when writing out the voxels: I'm using the "export file" and "background render" option in the Dop I/O in the smoke import node for this. What happens is that from some frame on the .bgos get saved but don't update anymore correctly. So the smoke just stops moving. Maybe this is a RAM issue, as it happens with quite hires sims? But it's kind of strange that the files get written without complaint, but don't get updated anymore. (At first I thought this was happening only with OpenCL enabled, but it also happened with pure CPU computing..) Well, that's it for now, thanks!
  6. The (very) first Days...

    Well, another update, I think it will be the last one though. It's also a bit uninspired maybe due to the hot days right now here in Germany, so both man and machine had a hard time thinking (cpu running at around 95°C ). I think it's time for cmiVFX now and doing some serious stuff...
  7. The (very) first Days...

    Yeh, thank you. Well it seems to become kind of a full grown music video.. (the track is over 8 minutes though..) The growing glob you mentioned is like the the green one at 0:30 just a subdivided, animated polyextrude with animated mountain sop, fairly simple but nice, thanks to mantra (surface) shading with SSS.
  8. FLIP Output - Best way

    Mhh, stupid question maybe, but where is this "save checkpoint" option to be found? ok, found it... dop-node in scene level
  9. The (very) first Days...

    That's nice to hear, I'm also going to the limits now (at least with my humble workstation) and realise for the first time acutly that 16gb ram is not so much... That's why the red fluid beame such a great cliffhanger. But it's still like black magic mixed with voodoo to me what you guys are doing here. Just got a glimpse at Vex for example, but can roughly imagne its power... and still have to get my head around that. I mostly try yet to use workflows I know and it kind of works well with Houdini. (Even if there are stupidities like using trail sop for the growing lines... but hell it works Maybe I'll write some impressions of learning H from my point as an artist....
  10. Skinos Mastiha Spirit

    Very nice! Is it Ouzo?
  11. The (very) first Days...

    Update! And thank you all for watching and liking. @ Bruno: Haha, not too many, most of the work is done by the machine, as you can tell...
  12. The (very) first Days...

    There's an updated version now.
  13. anotherGhostInTheShell

    Great Project! GitS is one of my favs and the intro is classic, I can hear the music in my mind already It think it was already a mix between hand drawn and CGI back then (1996 or what?). And I think they did some new CGI in the second edition. Do you plan to do it full CGI, shot for shot like the original or expand? I'm new to H so I can't talk mauch about tech. But the flake looks great, would be probably nice though to have a very slow dramatic beginning, so to say the flakes would stick more to the surface. Liquid also looks promising, but up the resolution I would say. Looking foward to see more Mr. Holy Mountain (have to watch the original now
  14. Hi, I just wanted to share my very first advances to get in touch with this great piece of software... cheers Edit: Just updated with the last renders, again: (Week 2 starts at about 00:57. Week 3 at 02:17. Week 4 at 03:14)
  15. Render Statistics?

    Hi, I'm just starting to get into Houdini, and of course am blown away by the possibilities it offers. Really kind of a grown up software, 3d as it should be.. One question tough for now: As I'm coming from Max I'm accoustomed to have detailed statistics when rendering (e.g. how long takes one frame, polycount, prognostic total render time,....), which H doesn't seem to have out of the box. I know H is made mainly for professional environments with seperated departments, but as an individual artist such a renderstatistic would be really helpful, so does there exist something like that? Thanks, Best Jan