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  1. Particles trail from moving object (coming from 3ds Max)

    Hey Johnny, first off thank you so much for helping me out on this. Sorry for my late reply here, I've been looking for help on this issue for a while and now that someone finally helps, I'm wrapped up in a lot of work. Anyway, I've had the chance to take a quick look at your setup, it seems there's a lot to study on my side. Coming from another application and tuning on one's own habits to a different 3d app, especially something like Houdini, it definitely takes time and serious dedication. I hope I can get a grasp of what you did, but I guess I'll have questions which I'll post here. Best, Andrew.
  2. Hi there, this is my first post here. I'm moving my first steps with Houdini and, coming from 3ds Max, I'm trying to find out how to get similar results in the Houdini world. One type of setup which I use quite often in 3ds Max is Pflow Spawn. Basically in this case I've some particles emitting from selected vertex of a moving object, in other words I use the moving mesh as a particle tracker. By doing so, it's easier for me to drive the particles, I can also add deformers to the mesh which will affect the position of the particles as well. Once I'm done with this first step, I spawn the particles, which in Houdini I would translate with Trail. This is what I get with Pflow in 3ds Max: I tried to create a similar setup in Houdini with the following steps: - I created a plane and animated its position/rotation - I created a Source Particle Emitter (it's emitting from a vertex group) - I deleted the Gravity, in order to keep the particles following the plane - I added a trail in the Source Particles, but the result is not what I'm after and, with a lot of particles, Houdini gets really slow This is what I get: So, I guess what I'm trying to figure out is: 1) Is trail the only way to generate a mesh from a particle source? Maybe I can I generate splines? in other words, I'm trying to get a real geometry 2) If trail is the way to go, is there a way to improve the performance and get a smoother experience? I've attached the file I'm working on. Thanks for any help. particle_trail.zip