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  1. ocean fluid extend issue

    Thanks. I checked water level is same as the main area.
  2. ocean fluid extend issue

    Thanks I will try.
  3. Hi guys, Any idea why there is a bump kind of a crease there where the ocean extension happens?
  4. Thanks Hamp and LaidlawFX. It works.
  5. I tried this using fetch node it doesnt work may be I used it in wrong way. Can explain me in detail?
  6. Hi, Is there a way to automate flip cache process in houdini? For example after particle cache complete it will automatically start compressed cache and then surface cache. Artist no need to press save to disk each time.
  7. Hi, Anyone knows how to control houdini camera horizontal fov and vertical fov when projection selected to cylindrical(panoramic)?
  8. Fire

  9. Sorry. It worked Thanks a lot.
  10. sorry it is not abt the dop netowrk it is abt da sop solver. I can c green part here but when i sim it is not correct. It doesnt take da active region. hip file i uploaded exactly like this.
  11. I did exactly da same as u did in ur file but my one sim doesnt get da region using dop method. can help me figure it? Also I dont understand how u enter object mask in dop import node as well as geometry data path. sorry I am still new to houdini multiple _active_regions_edited_dopsolver.hipnc
  12. Guys I am doing some rnd on fracturing and came across this issue. I got 1 box fractured and I want each sides of da box to be active and middle part to be inactive. I used a sphere then connect it to a group(points) then used attr create. it worked perfectly. But when i do da same to the other side it doesnt work. Can anyone help me on this? Thanks!!!! multiple _active_regions.hipnc
  13. Thanks old school. is there a way to do this using trail sop? coz I dont understand how the point deform sop works correctly.
  14. is it possible to who me that in my hip file? I am still learning houdini kind of confused.
  15. Guys I want to fracture and destruct a key frame animated object. Once I hit RDB fractured object(packed) my object falls down instead go with the key framed animation. How can I make my object go with the key framed animation when it is a rdb fractured object? pls help Thanks. fracturing a keyframe animated object.hipnc