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  1. Hi there, I am trying to create something similar to this: The tree I have has wires run through it and it now moves in the wind, but I don't quite know how to combine the wire sim with the falling motion. In the example a mix of wires and bones was used I believe? Can anyone of you help me out? I would really like the movement of the branches to be affected when it's falling down. Because now, the wires get simmed first and I have no idea how to transform the tree first without messing up the wire deform. (I am using the wire capture and wire deform method). Any help would be very much appreciated! Thanks, Eline
  2. Hi there, Can anyone tell me how I can set the width of an wire object to be the same as the width of the object it will deform? The object in this case is a tree branch and it would be great if the wire object could have the same variations of width as the branch itself instead of having a uniform width. Many thanks, Eline
  3. Hi David and Andrea, Thanks for responding! The tree is unfortunately a single mesh (instead of all the branches being a mesh of their own) and there is no way I can switch it for another tree. I tried grouping the branches (in Modo) before the export but that doesn't seem to show when I import it again in Houdini. The only other solution I can think of is splitting the geo of the branches from the tree back in Modo, but I am not sure this will turn out well with the particular shape of this tree. (Also would I have to leave the holes in the mesh that it will create open, or should I close them?) The goal is that the tree will be swaying heavily in the wind (with wiresim) to eventually break altogether. I have added my file so you can have a clearer idea of what I am talking about. Andrea, I am still fairly new to Houdini. Could you perhaps explain how I would be able to assign a different value to the attribute? Thanks for the help! Eline Tree_Odforce.rar GroteBoom_Huis-edit-vertextmaptest.rar
  4. Hey guys, I have imported a tree in houdini, but since it only has one primitive when I load it in I am using the UV Connectivity option in the connectivity to split the geo up in more primitives. (I am trying to give each branch their own ID). That all works great, the problem is that the attribute BRANCH_ID that equals 0 is not the root of the tree and that messes up the hierarchy I am trying to put together. Is there anyone who knows if it's possible to renumber the primitives in a controllable manner? Cheers, Eline
  5. Hey guys, I am fairly new to Houdini and as I was following the Houdini Wire and Cloth Dynamics tutorial by Andrew Lowell (in which he explains how you can simulate a tree using wires) I bumped into a deform problem. I followed the tutorial step by step but for some reason only the geometry of the tree trunk moves accordingly to the wire system. The rest of the branches seem to be following the static geo movements only. I tried finding the cause of this problem by going through the tutorial file but the same problem appears there while this was not visible in the video. Also the tutorial was made in Houdini 13 and I am using Houdini 14 (apprentice), perhaps that has something to do with it too? In the picture I included you can see how the geo gets deformed on the left, and the simulated wires on the right. I will add my hip file as well. Does anyone know how I can fix this problem? Many thanks in advance, Eline Tree_odforce.hipnc
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