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  1. Water smudge alike effect

    Is it possible to create a water smudge like effect without the need to use simulation? I am trying to create like the 'after effects' when you drink from a cup of water, and as you place the cup down and the water is sliding down... Apologize in advance if I have phrase the effect very poorly... I tried using scatter with heavy point counts followed by using sphere with copytopoints etc then vdb from polygons > reshape > smooth > convert, while it sort of work but it does not seems to be an ideal way of doing so. And the result is not exactly pretty either.. As it feels more like a puddle of water
  2. I used a scatter + copy stamp + sphere which creates quite a few polygon spheres. What is the best way that I can fuse/blend these spheres without using vdb? I asked because initially when I was using OpenVDBFromPolygons > vdbcombine (to cull out the 'extra' geos that i do not want) > vdbreshapesdf > vdbsmooth > convertvdb, while it gives me what i wanted but at the same time, it is causing some of the spheres to flicker/ pop up when they are just static on a moving geo.
  3. Hi all, I am using a Paint Sop in which I have paint some regions on a grid, either white or black. My question would be is it possible to display the 'painted' value? I realized that whether using the wacom pen or the left-mouse click, there are times I will need to click on a particular vertex a few times just so to paint it to be totally black or white despite the Opacity valaue being 1. Is it possible to display the said value/ is there a better way to visualize it?
  4. How can I make the particles move, especially for the particles that are closer to the edges/ end of the object they are on or based on the distance as specified by user..?
  5. I have an existing Popnet where the particles are scattered on the surface. Is it possible for me to use the particles from that existing Popnet and have it interact with another geometry?
  6. Hi all, I am using a paint sop to limit the area of the points generated by the scatter node, using this link as a guide Eg. I have a cube, I paint one side of the cube white while the rest of the faces black. As I use a copy node with sphere as one of the input, it seems that I have spheres being created on the 'black-colored' faces. Any ideas?
  7. Sorry for the late reply - I am aware of the above code and have been using it in other aspects for my workflow. It hits to me at the publishing stage that this issue, while minor can be easily resolve but it is not being implemented. Not to mention that at times of crunch time, when you are trying to push out everything, this can be easily missed (at least for me.) Thanks for the link, I will check it out and see if I can get it implemented!
  8. That seems to have work! Now I have a question - when will I need to add in the use of Normal node? I asked because, initially via the viewport, I was given the impression that all the points generated have normals as defined by the blue lines...
  9. Hi all, In the above image, you can see that the sphere is shown as vertically up against a slope surface. Then I try to conform the rotation by changing the sphere orientation to use Z-axis, and so I got the following: Feel free to correct me if I am wrong, but I had thought this will be better when it is cooking the node - vdbsmooth. In any case, still, the sphere is still not being oriented/ conformed to the surface (you can see in the above image, the sphere on the left foreground) This is my file - particles_orientation.hip
  10. Hi all, I have a diagonal plane where I have made a particle flow. While running the sim, I saw that all the particle normals are 'pointing outwards', perpendicular to the plane. I create a sphere, deform it then uses a 'copytopints' node, connecting the sphere and the particles, I saw that the sphere generated on those points are not oriented/ aligned to the surface. Any ideas?
  11. Thanks all, I will try and give this a go
  12. Create water droplets on moving car

    Many thanks for getting back to me, James, but it seems that I am getting myself confused or so. Either way, I have managed to do a first pass but met with some issues (please see attached) So after some digging, this is the best water droplets effect I can get. As I am pretty much nowhere sure if my setup is considered good or not, please do give me any feedback you may have. In this scene setup of mine, I notice an issue - if you scrub/ let the sim runs a couple of frames forward/ Frame 20, I realize that I am getting: * points coming from the edges * life expectancy in my popnet, too short - it does not seems to last long on the windshield, too long - it either accumulates too much/ it seems almost like an endless flow... * Also the output of the mesh, looks quite blobby? * Lastly, I can't seem to make my 'splash' any bigger. If I scale the sphere any bigger, the result of DW_OpenVDBCombine2 node will leave some mesh behind the windshield, is there a better approach to this? Guess I am indeed too ambitious. Planning to get the static part rectified before moving on. Greatly appreciate for any feedback! waterDroplets_test.hip
  13. I have a thin rectangular box for example and I had wanted to use the Scatter node. However it appears that the points generated is appearing on almost all the faces. Is it possible to 'guide' the Scatter node to generate points on a side that I wanted, without have to blast off all other faces?
  14. Create water droplets on moving car

    Ah my bad! You are right indeed. In this case, for the windshield geo that I have mentioned earlier, should I leave it as it is or cull out everything with the exception of the front? I tried using the whole piece, it also seems to have work, however the vector direction is different for all of them Wondering if you can kindly explain this in more details for me? At the moment I am able to replicate the setup as seen in the entagma tutorial, and I am still need quite some help in getting these particles to be animated.. Sorry for all the step-by-step question/ guidance as I am indeed in need of it
  15. Create water droplets on moving car

    So I was trying out the Procedural Modelling of water droplets in Entagma website. I am getting into issues where I am unable to get the up vector (the one highlighted in Yellow around 14:54). Instead of getting any lines, I am getting yellow values instead in which almost all of the vectors have at least 1 or 2 values either (x or z or both) are in the negative range. Initially I have thought it could be due to the windshield that I had in my scene where it is extruded with a thickness and so, the points could be generated "behind". So I did another round of blasting such that I am only left with the "front" of the windshield but still it is giving me the same problem. FYI I did use a timeshift node so that the windshield animation is not in effect as I wanted to get a static version of the droplets.